Customizable Fashion and How New Tech Helps with Interactive Product Customization

Finding the perfect outfit may turn into a real challenge. There is always something wrong. A perfectly fitted dress will have an inappropriate color. An ideal suit will be available only in a bigger size. There may be weird wrinkles on the desired skirt. In addition, a unique outfit often proves to be seen on every third girl. Finally, fashion and tech gurus have tied up to solve this problem. As a result, the world has got customizable fashion. Here is everything you need to know about the customization.

Reasons for customizable fashion popularity

There are so many online and offline shops offering customizations for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Clients may choose between different colors, styles, and sizes. However, why should one want to customize such items? There are several reasons.

  • For looking unique.
  • To forget about the lack of half-sizes and get the perfectly fitted items.
  • For saving time on shopping.
  • To get individualized clothing for similar off-the-rack prices.
  • For boosting creativity.

Here is answer why fashion customization is so trendy.

Ways to apply fashion customization

Famous brands have already started using product customization. For example, at the custom shop by Ralph Lauren, clients can embroider personalized patches. They can also make monogrammed blazers and other clothes. A client may choose fabrics, colors, style, and fit. Besides, one can also add special numbers, initials, and monograms.

Similar arrangements customers can apply at other popular shops. For example, at Burberry, they can monogram a scarf. Gucci offers to apply different designs on jackets. Same at Louis Vuitton, customers may create monograms on luggage.

The main reason for the popularity of interactive product design is the demand. The research by Deloitte, a business advisory firm, shows that 36% of customers are eager to get personalized products and services. 43% of 16-24-year-olds and 46% of 25-30-year-olds want to get personalized items. In 2015, one in six consumers bought such items. The trend has got positive changes.

Here is answer why fashion customization is so trendy.

In 2018, 40% of Etsy survey respondents say they are likely to give and receive unique items on holidays. 70% of millennials are ready to spend more on items that are personalized. Therefore, delivering the right personalized experience, companies improve the customer experience. This is what 80% of customers believe. Numbers don’t lie. It’s high time to start using interactive product customizations in business.

Here is answer why fashion customization is so trendy.

Technology in fashion customization

How to employ customizable fashion? First of all, find a professional software development partner. It will provide the capabilities to make specific measurements. The development company will also link all manufacture processes and resources. The next step is to carry out effective marketing and sales strategies.

In addition, another vital step is to make sure that clients find their fashion customization services fun and easy. Appealing 3D constructors allowing clients to customize their outfits easily are a must. If a person can use such visual constructors intuitively, the chances of positive client experience and bigger sales increase.

Ready to use fashion customization in your business? Hence, hurry up to contact professionals to make all your ideas happen.

images via unsplashralph lauren, bow and drape, etsy