1 year ago

Most Popular Examples of AR in the Mobile Sphere

Augmented Reality (AR) is a big trend most successful companies already use or are on the way to figure out how to use it effectively. Take a closer look at any business sphere and you’ll notice at least 3 reasons to start using AR immediately. As for AR in the mobile sector, the situation is analogous. The number of apps based on this technology is growing rapidly.

If you replace the real world with a virtual one, you get Virtual Reality (VR). If you overlay some parts of the virtual world over the real one, you get Augmented Reality. In a mobile sphere, this means enhancing images of a real world. Everything you need is a camera on your mobile phone and an AR app. That’s why there are so many AR apps. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Catch Pokemon with AR

You can’t be surprised to read that. Released in July 2016, Pokemon Go app created a sensation. Front-page headlines, your favorite YouTube videos, and international newscast – it was difficult to find a media that wasn’t talking about this app. Using a camera and gyroscope, the app allowed users locate virtual Pokemon in real-life locations, capture them, and train for battles. Besides promoting physical activity and helping people explore their local territories, Pokemon Go has also contributed to a bunch of accidents. It has turned out to be one of the coolest examples of AR in the mobile sphere.

AR Exergaming

Ingress is a popular AR location-based mobile exergame based on a science fiction story. Who’s going to take control over Exotic Matter (XM) that covers this world? Use your mobile phone to gather XM and gain access to portals around real world locations. Ingress is an interesting game that serves as an encouragement to explore our real world. It’s worth to give it a try. But be careful with the portals you visit!

Discover the world with AR

Blippar is another great example of AR in the mobile sphere. It is an AR mobile app that has enriched our vocabulary by a new word: “blipp”. Blipping something means scanning it with a mobile device and unlocking interesting content about it. Such simple blippable objects as posters, labels, and ads will show users new interactive content, f.e., trailers, links, games, etc. Here are some of the most famous brands that have already used Blippar in their business: PepsiCo, Nestle, Heinz, Jaguar, Procter & Gamble. Does it mean anything to you?

AR Translation

Have you already checked the “Word Lens” feature? Google allows you feel more comfortable in any foreign country. Open Google Translate app and focus your smartphone camera on a text you need to translate. The app will show you the translation live even without the Internet connection.

You may also have heard about Star Walk, Sunseeker, Theodolite, Wikitude, and Field Trip. Other great examples of AR mobile apps Yelp, Inkhunter, Mybrana, Aurasma, Layar, Quiver, and SkyMap. You must also have heard about Snapchat, a popular messaging platform that allows sending messages augmented with different stickers. This is a basic example of using AR in the mobile sphere. However, it turns to work well.

Using AR in mobile apps is entertaining and useful. The above-mentioned apps have already proved it. Ready to make an app that will be even more popular? Let’s do it together.