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35% increased operational efficiency
5+ dedicated team members
40% business growth
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One of the main domains that real-world business owners reflect on today is their merchant finances. Whether it is a small business loan needed to support the business or alternative business funding such as a merchant cash advance, it is paramount to keep your company on a steady financial level.

Our client is your expert in funding solution across any industry. They work fast to bring the piece of mind to any business and start by completing a comprehensive business analysis of every company. Following the assessment, they will advise how to access business financing options, reach higher levels of productivity, improve operational efficiencies and increased profitability in the shortest period of time.

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The major challenge small businesses face today is financing. The economic conditions of the last years have made it very difficult for small- and midsized business owners to get bank financing. When they need money for their business growth, they often can not get approved for a loan or line of credit from their banks or credit unions.

Company simplified the life for business owners by having provided them with the loans. They are simple, monthly payments with no origination fees or prepayment penalties. The sweetest thing about that is that you can review your payment schedule before taking a loan so there won’t be any surprises.

Alternatively, they could get the financing they need by taking out a merchant cash advance against a portion of their future credit card receipts.

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Business Value

To show our value to the client we created the dedicated team of experts. We take control of easy-to-manage online portal which enables the business to grow faster, give them access to money needed for unexpected repairs, or keep the cash flow more consistent with cyclical or seasonal sales activities.

From applying to managing your account and making the most of your capital, our team was responsible for making your funds flexible. This allows the business decide when to use funds and how much to take.

In addition, devabit team automated a significant part of the online application processing and business evaluation.

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Since company’s philosophy is to pair any business with the best financial solution, from a business perspective, we helped our client improve the business’ financial position.

As a result, company’s customers have securely connected more than 1 million data sources. We are A+ rated by the BBB and are TRUSTe certified for our commitment to customer privacy. We all live in a digital world where data drives the progress. No matter how time-consuming it might be, the main indicator moving any company success is accurate and on time data processing. And it’s not only about the data, but about its volume, workflow streamlining and optimizing on a regular basis.