Augmented or Virtual Reality Solutions

To guarantee users’ contentment one must constantly feed them with something viable, close to the world which Augmented Reality is perfect at.

In augmented reality, the physical world is actually added on to the addition of computer-generated imagery, sound, video, and other sensory stimuli. AR provides a more interactive and immersive user experience. It simply makes the impossible possible.

It is not a rocket science since AR is based solely on the ordinary smartphone and requires nothing but the user pointing his iPhone or Android camera and peering through the screen. It simply makes the surrounding more impressive and more useful, be it for business or for entertainment.


Retail / E-commerce / Entertainment / Publishing



DARS is a demo application that provides a number of cases how Augmented Reality can be beneficial to businesses and consumers. A user can virtually try clothes on before buying, furnish the house, do something fun with a business card or simply make your favourite character look alive.

AR furniture allows you to configure and combine a chair, for instance, inside your own room and to better evaluate how it will fit into a room from every angle. With that being said, you will get an exact prototype of your future furniture in its actual size. In this way AR will increase the likelihood of a product and customer attachment to the product, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.



AR is constantly evolving and its development laid new challenges to devabit team. Nearly every aspect of AR experience is heavily dependent on the new types of interactions, therefore, making the user experience smooth is a crucial part. This technology is entirely based on the multitude of sensors and cameras helping to capture where a person or object is, the surroundings and, most importantly, the hand movements. It would be tough to implement the successful capture of a human input on a device without a keyboard or a mouse.

Business value

What now makes a business stand out from the crowd and a customer delighted in the aftermath is the development of AR experience. It helps boost e-commerce and enhance the in-store purchase experience. It also helps visualize the final product before the purchase decision.


Augmented Reality has been here around for 60 years. But only with smart devices, it became possible to use it in personal and professional lives. Once we realize a full business potential of AR, the technology will become a powerful workplace tool.

The AR market is expected to witness a substantial growth owing to advances in hardware technologies and sophisticated mobile software. With IT corporations like Google and Apple heavily investing in AR, they say augmented reality companies are likely to generate a $120 billion profit by 2020.

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