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Today we can witness far more people dive into online learning. A great deal of those who have already reaped the fruits of such learning proved its efficacy. Let alone if it is backed by the advanced technology, like an interactive whiteboard. 

Now, this is not an issue anymore since you can study when it is suitable for you, even without leaving your place of living.These days we can experience how online tutoring is re-energizing itself. Alibi Skills makes tutoring available across more subjects, foreign languages in particular.Online tutoring is not only more affordable than traditional face-to-face tutoring. It’s better as you get access to a broader skillset through a vast network of possible tutors.


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Alibi Skills



Alibi Skills is an innovative and the most effective way to master any foreign language without leaving your premises. It provides modern language lessons with top curated tutors and native speakers online. You can study at any time, place, and even without leaving your personal cabinet which contributes to better language acquisition. Before diving into the online studying experience you can enroll either as a tutor or as a student. The former way allows a tutor to choose his own way of teaching, and the latter one allows a student to choose any tutor based on his own criteria, like the ranking or his hard skillset. Once you opted for a right tutor, get in touch and get a free consultation. It is also embedded with a calendar and reminder which is visible in your personal cabinet. For more vivid experience, tune into video-chat whether it is 1-to-1 tutoring or a group one. With the patented process your feedback is being taken into account which results in the motivated and fare tutors.



Cool technological stuff could not be delivered without technological challenges. And first of all, we are talking about general usability. The personal cabinet on the first place should have been integrated with a calendar to mitigate the tutoring process. In order for a tutor to assign a task to a student and for a student not to forget it the reminders have been set. The uniqueness of Alibi Skills is the implementation of an interactive whiteboard functionality. Whether you would like to write, type, or draw something, with a whiteboard learning a foreign language became as easy as never before. One more key functionality of the platform is video-chat which supports personal and group lessons. All the tutoring is done via video audio of which is of high quality.

Business value

Аlibi Skills give a person who raised his desire to learn a language, is that the choice is not limited to one or two tutors. You benefit greatly from online tutoring because of the qualified tutors base to choose from. Go on the website, and choose a tutor you require (a very short presentation about every tutor will help you in your final decision). The price, native or non-native speaker, feedbacks, and such personal qualities as sense of humor, friendliness, sociability, and others will narrow down your pool of potential tutors. What Alibi Skills gives a tutor is that there is constant students traffic, free and independent choice of activity, and remote work on the Internet.


Fostering your linguistic potential became as easy as shelling peas. Especially in your personal cabinet integrated with a digital whiteboard. Access the academic support you need from anywhere and at any time. So, go on the journey with Alibi Skills and world is your oyster!

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