The core element in customer-oriented businesses is understanding the needs shaping the customers’ behaviour. That in return will determine the value and sense of worth they are looking for. Eventually you get customers for life.

World of IT is constantly evolving and once you enter it it feels like you get on a rollercoaster. Sometimes it is challenging to be always on the watchout. And that is when IT Club comes into play. Loyalty system lets you be informed of what is going on on the IT arena and what is more provides you with the discounts on goods and services within IT Club partner-companies. The loyalty system is probably one of the least platforms providing you with discounts or gifts for being its member.


Loyalty Platform


Lviv IT Cluster



Lviv IT Club is the largest and most prominent IT community in the city and one of the biggest in the country. It encompasses more than 7000 employees of leading IT companies along with 250 partners who are the top experts of the industry.

From the moment you become its member you immediately get access to all of the Club’s benefits. Be it the favourite store you often visit, the restaurant you prefer dining in or the amusement center you relax with your family at, and it is not even the full list.

This is a loyalty program for Lviv IT Cluster members, which makes you eligible for a gift or a discount in one of numerous partner points.

The application functionality ranges within the ability to quickly and conveniently find an appropriate restaurant/store/service, check their location on the map, get to know the offer and read/leave feedback about it.



Driven by the fact that quality always trumps quantity our engineers made UI & UX part slick to the customer. The application process with the loyalty cards was a cumbersome work successfully embedded. In addition, we needed to implement it within a short fraction of the time and to ensure we can easily plug in the integration with iBeacons which will become available in the upcoming updates.

Business value

Loyalty programs are meant to break down barriers between customers and your business. So with our help:

  • partners boosted their businesses;
  • partners Streamlined the Communication with the club members;
  • new clients are more engaged in becoming its participants;


The last but not least is that the creative team have managed to get the holistic application off the ground in less than 3 months. Step by step, with small increments our engineers created the exclusive loyalty system allowing you to get discounts in your favourite places, navigation system, the opportunity to manage Club’s social events and above all the integration of your personal card embedded into your application.

In the aftermath, we developed the loyalty system letting our customers feel cared about, because loyalty is essential to the most basic things that make life livable. So far the mission accomplished. But it is not the end.

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