If we want to see the world as a just and fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities, education is what we require.

Right now we live in a more disruptive time than ever before. The time where technology is reaching almost every aspect of what we deal with day in, day out. The time where people of all walks of life interact with the avalanche of data running at them causing information chaos.

IT now manifests itself under the umbrella term with Information being a world’s new currency and on the flip side with more emphasize on technology. Either way, having IT skills is not enough, there should be the business ones. Lviv IT School is a right fit for you helping you unlesh the potential needed to deal with information chaos. These courses are not only for those who are in IT, but who want to prepare for the radical impact that the technology is having on the jobs that we do and they provide.







Lviv IT School founded in 2013 is an educational technology institution offering a whole range of professional couchers-led courses. They will assist you with invigorating your working environment, giving a boost to the microclimate of your team, upgrading its efficacy and technology awareness and enhancing the performance capacity of your company on the whole.

Whatever rank you are holding the cluster of eclectic courses will serve any of your needs. There are over thirty courses starting from computer science and ending with data science. Kids IT education fills the complementary and probably the most important place among the whole range of courses.

Above all LITS hosts seven schools, which are UI/UX School, QA School, PM School, Code School, HR School, BDA School, DS School and one educational project LITS4KIDS. In addition in LITS there is the possibility to enroll on the corporate learning course.

The courses are subdivided into three complexity degrees which last roughly three months and are curated by up to 150 lecturers who will make the process of reinforcement the material rather interactive and closer to the real work environment.



To begin with our mavens have been presented an user-friendly WordPress-built website. Going further we were asked to rewrite it into faster and more professional Yii2 PHP framework. In addition the platform should encompass four cities, where LITS is functioning, each embedded with eight schools with over 50 courses.

In a nutshell, despite the toughness of the learning platform functionality we levaraged our competence and managed to provide the sufficient eLearning system integration and seamless and user-friendly learning environment.

Business value

Given the rapid evolving of eLearning industry it is paramount to always stay tuned in. LITS became a surefire way of serving your needs and preferences of today’s society. To conform to the standards of IT ecosystem the cources available will provide you with the full stack of data which you can meaningfully laverage later on paving the way along your carrier.

Over two thousands of graduates along with the kids have already experienced eLearning platform. Hence, the greatest portion found themselves working in the leading IT companies in Ukraine.


devabit team, on the technical side, has opened new horizons to porting the app to the web. In future, if the application becomes wildly popular, more complex and detailed parts, like wrists, gadgets in hands/paws are to be implemented. Our engineering team aims to make toys as customisable as possible.

With the MVP ready, our customer has conducted a research with 1000 children of the target age group (3-10 years old), The research reported the application is intuitive (ability to choose and add various toy parts, change colours, and save), easy to use (ability of users to create a new toy, save, name it, and share with friends), and user-friendly (ability to use Toogle Universe and 3D printing options).

As a result, our customer has got a stable application that works fast and smoothly on all mobile platforms and they proved their business concept too. The app is rich with the child-friendly design and is easy to use even for youngest kids. Moreover, the app is being constantly customised and improved for a better user experience.

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