Advertisers are now spending an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on Internet advertising.

The global E-commerce industry saw impressive growth in 2014 with goods and services worth $1.5 trillion bought by shoppers via desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Cyber Monday e-commerce sales, as an example, reached $1.735 billion originating from desktop and laptop devices, according to comScore.


Fashion / E-commerce


London, UK



Ormary is a luxurious women clothes online store.

More than 200 famous designers have chosen Ormary to bring their exclusive outfits to their target clients. Customers, on the other hand, are provided with a great variety of qualitative goods: they can be filtered by price, a designer’s name, type, colour, size, etc. Ormary suggests regular discount offers for their customers.

devabit engineers developed a convenient ordering and payment systems, implemented delivery services that enable customers to receive their goods safer and faster.



Ormary online store has been designed and developed from scratch in 4 month.

Business value

Our client managed to increase their income by 95% in less than a year.

A user-friendly design attracted more customers to shop online. Reliable delivery and payment systems increased the number of customers to 40%. Ormary became a popular marketplace among more than 200 talented designers.

Moreover, many young designers have chosen Ormary platform as their first shop since it helps reduce a shop rent expenses. Those customers who physically cannot visit a shop of their favourite designer can easily do it online with Ormary.


Our client received a new convenient ordering and payment systems, and an online store overall became more informative, fast, and user-friendly.

Since the project has scored a success rapidly, our customer has plans to extend the number of designers from 200 to 400 this year.

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