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No doubt all of us are social animals by nature, and the tenor of our social life holds one of the most important influences on our mental health. Having an opportunity to lead quality social life contributes greatly to our ability to have positive and durable relationships with other people.

Technologies have found a surprising solution to help people interact.

Beacons, which Apple refers to as iBeacons, are hardware devices that can be detected by mobile devices, and more specifically, by mobile apps running on users’ devices. So, like many other technological advances, rapid growth in the iBeacon/BLE device market could mean an emerge of the whole new niche of micro-location mobile apps.


Social Networking


UK Startup



Panda is an iOS app that helps users organize and manage their social activities.

The app is equipped with the indoor navigation system which helps find people in public places, for instance, restaurants or nightclubs. Panda can inform its users about the number of people at the moment inside a venue and show their exact location on the facility map, display their profiles, and filter profiles by gender, age, interests, etc.

Users can add, share and view content inside the app, chat with others. Furthermore, the app detects events that occur in a vicinity, like a happy hour or a giveaway, and informs its users. Also, Panda can help users decide which places to visit by displaying a number of app-friends at each location, or even a number of males and females at a certain venue.



The main challenge was to design and develop an app from the scratch since devabit engineers used brand new technologies not vastly used before.

Our professionals have successfully implemented an indoor navigation system that displays the number of people inside a venue and their exact location.

Besides, devabit team has implemented a noise reduction technology that can define the nearest beacon with the most relevant data.

Business value

  • Our customer proved the efficiency of their business model;
  • The app contains a comprehensive set of functionality for social networking, generating new clients, and publishing events.


devabit engineers produced a stable application for social networking.

Panda app has a user- friendly interface and a unique design. 7000 app users have already assessed its convenience and functionality. At the present stage, Panda is actively used by club and QSR owners. According to the client research, club owners who had used Panda for 6 months, increased their revenues almost twice since 2014.

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