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Get Rid of Your Unwanted Stock

Surplus or unwanted stock is a big issue for any type of business. Not only does it cause increased storage costs for products that are not making any money but it also affects the profitability of the business. It ties up capital and can be a major hurdle for re-investing or buying stock or things that are actually needed. That’s why regularly paying attention to your sales and inventory data is so important. But this also brings up the question how and where to get rid of the unwanted stock.




Take Stock



Many businesses in the food industry occasionally have unwanted stock in the wrong place at the wrong time. For all the businesses in the food industry this problem is more drastic as usually the sell perishable good which imposes additional risk factor of time. Takestock is an ideal solution for such businesses as it’s a mobile first online trading platform making it very easy to find a buyer efficiently rather than turning to scrap as an option. In addition, everyone would agree that it’s unacceptable that so much food is wasted while there is definitely a buyer for all of it. It’s just a matter of finding a way to connect the buyer with the seller. And do it in a timely and convenient way. The purpose of Takestock is to do just that



Cool technological products could not be delivered without technological challenges. The main goal of the product is to make the interaction with the buyer and the seller seamless, and most importantly, real time. Hence, we delivered a sophisticated platform for real time communication and bidding. This is particularly of great importance as it allows the sellers to unlock that trapped value and do it with minimum efforts and almost instantly. It stands to reason that most of the business owners are highly mobile and need quicker response times. That’s why we built apps for iOS and Android to ensure that this could be easily done on the go.

Business value

The platform we built gives significant benefits for any business who pay constant attention to their stock and understand the importance of clearing the excess inventories. At the same time, it presents a very convenient way for buyers who want to re-stock. It’s a mobile first solution that allows to quickly and easily find a good bargain even for the rarest and most obscure item of stock, enabling a secure, honest, professional transaction that creates a win for the buyer & seller as well as the environment through reduced waste.


Taking care of your stock for the benefit of your business has become as easy as it has never been before. Using modern technologies presents the opportunity to do it real time and on the go.

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