Old Lion Publishing House

Many Ukrainians are Russian-speaking, so the majority of publishers sell books written in or translated into Russian. OLPH is known for publishing high-quality books in Ukrainian, especially for children.  There is a huge demand for literature among Ukrainian speakers and learners, but previously books could be purchased only at the physical bookstores in Lviv and Kyiv.

With devabit’s help, Old Lion Publishing House (OLPH) reached their target audience at the nationwide level and win more than 50% of Ukrainian children’s books market.


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Old Lion Publishing House



Old Lion is an award-winning publishing house in Ukraine.

It was founded in 2001 and gained more than 30 awards. In 2013, customers/readers admitted that the publishing house had released/had been releasing the best books for children.

OLPH customers are provided with a wide range of the world-known books. Moreover, they can share any thoughts and ideas on the website, communicate with authors, discuss books etc. Also, OLPH regularly organizes events for bookworms and invites the best international authors. So, devabit team developed a convenient ordering and payment system for OLPH online store.



To design and develop from scratch in 1.5 months.
Our customer has requested a platform to be ready before Christmas sales start.

It was technically challenging to make an attractive website that would burst sales in such short terms. Another challenge was to develop an intuitive and informative design.

Business value

With the new website and online shop, Old Lion was able to triple their sales volume and win the market of children’s board books in Ukrainian. A user-friendly and easy web-based admin page helped our client to effectively manage customers, orders, goods and allowed a better logistics planning.

Convenient payment, ordering and discount systems attracted more online customers to buy online. Also, the implementation of delivery services enabled customers to receive their books faster and safer.


devabit team has designed and developed OLPH web store from scratch, using modern technologies and implementing useful modules.

Since then, OLPH has increased their sales by 300%, gained more than 200 000 happy customers. Our client received a new convenient ordering and payment systems, interactive fast user-friendly news page. As requested, the project was delivered on time. Currently, the customer aims to augment the number of books translated into Ukrainian and integrate more innovative features into the/their online store.

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