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Data Management for a Global Logistics Enterprise


Worldwide (Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Company overview
Our client is a transnational logistics conglomerate headquartered in the US with a broad portfolio of transportation services. Its vast supply chain is presented in over 100 countries and territories all over the world. They provide omnichannel delivery solutions of various complexity levels. Besides, they take safety requirements and measures seriously aiming to combat terrorism.
As the enterprise has been growing rapidly in the recent years, the number of shipment contracts has been rising. At some point, it became virtually impossible to to manage all accounts manually. Nearly 30% of daily received invoices were duplicated. The client needed to be fully concentrated on primary business goals while documentation was accurately managed without any extra effort.
We set up an expert team for data management and data verification, which has been processing incoming shipment documentation and invoices and ensuring they are accurate and approved. We concluded that the company's current data management system was ineffective and was impairing organizational growth. Therefore, we established a brand new document tracking model. With a more efficient method of processing documentation, our client is now recognized as one of the industry’s leading solution providers worldwide.
We managed to deliver cost effectiveness with 99% output accuracy. Over 3500 invoices are validated monthly against OCR and ICR data capture. Our experts reduced duplicated invoices processed per day from 20-30% to 0.05%. All these steps enhanced business process efficiency and reduced the turnaround time (TAT) from 2-3 days to 1 day.
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