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End-to-End Data Management Solution for
a California-Based Client

Company overview
Our client is a fast-growing privately held insurance organization which is top-listed in the Inc. 5000 rating. It is focused around the US market. The organizational structure is built around truck insurance claims and risk management. They provide key premium services for drivers based on web-ratings.
Due to the lightning-fast pace of development, the company appeared to spend more time servicing existing clients rather than acquiring new ones. This resulted in an overloaded in-house back-office team. Our client was looking for an outsourcing service provider so that the company could focus on core activities.
The company offers over 20 insurance packages which have different requirements regarding driver’s qualification. We developed a unified database of MVRs (Motor Vehicle Reports) to easily manage insurance claims. Our experts were constantly monitoring and checking driving experience and past minor and major traffic violations of the company’s clients. The team was also verifying that none of the customer’s clients were in blacklists or held other insurance policies.
We managed to greatly enhance business process effectiveness. As a result, back-office operations’ efficiency related to data management improved by 20%. After over a year of smooth collaboration, our experts were able to set up and fully implement a fast and reliable data processing workflow. Over a thousand new applications were handled monthly, which led to a high level of customer satisfaction.
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