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Product Information Management Project
for the US Online Retailer

Company overview
Our client is a US retailer providing furniture and equipment for kitchen, bathroom, and shower. They strive to provide an excellent experience to customers through both online and offline channels. The firm wants their products to fit into customer's life seamlessly. Therefore, the company constantly updates their catalog.
The company’s website is their main sales channel on the internet. Thus the information published there should be accurate and up-to-date. However, with tons of constantly updating data, it was extremely difficult to maintain the company’s product catalog. Our client needed a dedicated team, which could focus exclusively on catalog management without affecting any of the current business processes. Outsourcing to devabit appeared to be the perfect solution.
We formed a dedicated team of BPO experts that take care of the product catalog. The team’s main functions include managing data gained from multiple sources and exporting it into a universal format, extracting data based on its semantic loading and updating the catalog. In the end, we get an accurate online product list which encourages website visitors to purchase products from the catalog.
Our team strongly committed to ensuring long-term efficient results for our client. We enhanced the company’s online presence by 30%. With smart catalog management, we raised the overall customer satisfaction and optimized usage of costs and resources. As a result, our client managed to improve productivity of in-house personnel, boosted customer engagement and gained a lot of new business.
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