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Desktop Publishing Engineering Team
for a Leading International Translation Company


USA, Europe, Asia



Company overview
The company has proved its expertise and trustability presenting high-quality market solutions for over 25 years now. With subsidiaries in 14 countries and roughly 40 offices around the world, our client takes the translators through a rigorous selection process ensuring they translate exclusively into their native language.
Many multilingual projects are not limited to text translation and localization. It is also required to fit the translation into the initial format so that it mirrors the original document layout. Not only is it time and resource-consuming but also requires expert skills in various publishing software solutions as well as excellent knowledge of DTP engineering processes. Therefore, the company decided to establish a long-term partnership with an experienced and trustable BPO provider.
We built a dedicated team of Desktop Publishing specialists and designed a fast and flexible workflow. First, our experts provide an initial detailed document estimate and prepare the layout for translation (content formatting, style setting, image preparation, etc.) After the text is translated, we localize graphics and content for the final output publishing.

We currently work in 15 different applications and tools for this project. However, our technical stack allows us to implement and use other custom instruments if needed. Once the ready-for-use documents are delivered, we also implement further suggestions and feedback.

Over time, we have been providing DTP engineering services for various document formats as well as multimedia files and e-learning courses. We built a dedicated team of professional DTP specialists capable of serving all the engineering needs our client has. We strive for faultless formatting and provide round-the-clock assistance. This has significantly improved the overall quality of the translated assets.
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