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We support and unify language services so that your company can offer efficient high-quality translations at a lower cost.

A success of multilingual projects in the translation and localization industry lies in a high degree of responsiveness, experience and analytical skills. Our DTP and QC specialists support your team (translators, editors, terminologists, etc.) and manage files in a timely and careful manner.
Your challenges:
Overload of client requirements
Each client in the industry has specific document management requirements, which call for optimization of timeframes, quality and costs.
Lack of necessary resources
Successful translation/localization goes beyond choosing the right translators. Issues with page layout, punctuation, etc. can make a company look unprofessional.
Lack of appropriate tools for translation, verification and publishing along with overwhelming manual processes result in delays in deliveries. While the ultimate goal is to translate and localize quickly and accurately, the role of QC and DTP teams should not be underestimated.
Relying on manual processes
Using exclusively manual processes contribute to the amount of errors and generate substantial additional costs. Our team utilizes a reasonably balanced model of manual, semi-automated and automated procedures for best results.
NEED FOR well-tested procedures
Translation involves a lot more than just transforming text from one language into another. Therefore, professional translation and localization companies must develop and maintain well-defined QC and DTP procedures as well as utilize relevant tools and technologies.

Our Solutions:



First, we undertake thorough research of your processes and requirements. We compose a team of desktop publishers, quality controllers and project management assistants tailored exclusively to your needs. When you receive translation requests from your clients, our team provides estimates of potential time and effort required to complete all auxiliary quality control and layout tasks.



Our DTP specialists format documents to prepare them for translation: extract text from images to subsequently place the translated text into the images, prepare scripts to export video and audio content for translation or recreate scanned documents. You receive the materials that need to be localized in translation-ready format.



Delivered by your community of translators.


Quality Control
and Assurance

Our proficient QC team performs final document validation in accordance with pre-defined procedures of automatic and manual verification. This includes linguistic and functional debugging, formatting and style improvement, etc. For more info, visit our QC services page.



Our team of desktop publishers performs a technical side of translation job: using special computer software they arrange translated text and images into the correct format. For more info, visit our DTP services page.



We prepare documents that are ready for publish and use.



You might want to send these files to terminologists, proofreaders or other translators for another check. If additional changes need to be implemented to the files we already delivered, our specialists would be happy to quickly incorporate the latest updates into the files for even better end results.

Segments we serve:
  • Translation Agencies
  • Localization Companies
  • Multilingual Publishing Service Providers
  • Marketing and Ad Agencies
  • Certified Legal and Financial Translators

With devabit services, we were able to save substantial costs and time at several complex projects. Their prompt attention to details and to our requests is excellent.

Head of Operations in Financial Solutions company

Our team with Devabit has shown excellent accuracy in data processing for healthcare claims verification. With the help of your team, our specialists finally got a chance to focus primarily on patient services rather than manual work.

Healthcare Administrator
California (US)

Why devabit?

We see BPO as a business process optimization rather than business process outsourcing

Before anything else, we are a tech company, process automation is in our DNA

We give the highest priority to data security and confidentiality

We combine the power of mature workflows and modern infrastructure for a quick start

We build customized solutions and take ownership at all stages of the engagement

We immediately provide a pool of qualified resources

We are located in Lviv, a cost-effective area with access to qualified resources

We offer fair rates and full cost transparency

We guarantee quality results

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve.
When you’re ready for better, we’re ready to help.
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