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We know the abbreviation PIM does not rhyme with many other words, but with the devabit team, your data will be transformed into a great brand image.

We believe that the right combination of technology innovations and expert mindset can streamline your catalog maintenance, save time and resources. Product Information Management (PIM) has become essential to any online company.

We manage information about products centrally, with a focus on marketing data and its further distribution:

  • Catalog management
  • Catalog update
  • Product upload
  • Catalog building
  • Catalog indexing
  • Catalog conversion

Will Product Information Management Outsourcing Solve Your Problems?

  • Thousands of product references?
  • Never-ending flow of documents and media assets?
  • Several omnichannel distributions and sales channels?
We investigate the situation of your company and build a customized solution. With our team of experts, you will be able to provide an easier and warmer experience to all the users.

When Does Outsourcing Product Information Management Become a Benefit?

  • When you prefer your employees to fulfill and focus on core business responsibilities.
  • When you desire to organize your data and get its expert analysis.
  • When you are looking for highly talented business analysts for lower operational costs.

How It Works:

  • Risk-free and fast engagement
  • Special conditions possible at a pilot phase
  • Flexible and dynamic ramp-up/down of resources



We build mutual trust and define your needs. After learning the specifics and setting the overall goals, we are ready to present the primary offer.

Terms and


We start with a baseline definition and benchmarking, continuously monitoring improvements. This enables us to achieve a low defect rate and always focus on efficiency and end result. Then we link benchmarking and KPIs through obtaining best practices as a basis for fixing measurements or for assessing the level of optimization. In the aftermath, we are ready to scale the conditions and discuss service level processes.



Upon negotiation completion, we move to the finalization of legal and supportive documents.



While the document finalization is being done, we develop a step-by-step check-list to prepare for the project start. There we describe details regarding task responsibilities, dates, required time and monitoring process.



Once the main milestones are set, we start the actual realization of the plan. Additionally, the recruiting process might be checked along as the qualification of each team member. When the checklist is completed, we begin service provision. The client receives regular reports upon the agreed KPIs while we monitor whether the quality standards are maintained.

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve. When you are ready for better, we are ready to help.

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We are here to take care of your data