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Linguistic Quality Control Services
for a Large Localization Company


Europe, North America, Asia



Company overview
Our client is a global translation and localization provider ranked in the top 10 world’s translation companies. With offices around Europe, North America, and Asia and over a thousand of clients, they share a wide network of translators and have roughly 220 people employed. The main mission of the company is to assist others’ international activities by adapting printed and digital documents to local markets and cultures.
As a mature enterprise, our client serves large-scale, complex multilingual localization projects for a variety of industries and purposes. Many of them require immediate response and involve not only translators' input. Often, there is a need for professional quality control services to ensure the format and content of the translated files are respected. At that point, the biggest challenge was to fill the employment gap in expert linguistic quality control specialists quickly.
We established a trusted long-term partnership and built a professional dedicated team of quality control engineers for our client. Over a year, it has scaled up by 10 times. We developed a consistent yet flexible workflow that complements and improves our client’s internal processes and lets them deliver high-quality translations on time.
Our experts have developed standardized chains of automatic and manual verification. As a result, translation accuracy has risen by 30% as well as the operational efficiency has improved. We built a tailored solution that perfectly fits our client’s organizational structure and provides high-quality results.
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