Product Discovery Phase

We undertake intensive research together to scope your ideas and plan the product success
We Handle
We share a special methodology and expertise to deal with your demands and challenges at any stage of the product lifecycle
Raw Ideas

We create an expert team and develop a shared project vision. Combining Design Thinking and technical expertise, we develop an initial product roadmap and highlight potential blocks. As a result, we create a full product concept.

Striking Problems

We validate your ideas and provide purpose and direction to a project team. Our purpose is to tackle uncertainties and reduce risks. We create a prototype to bring you confidence in a product and help optimize development costs.

General Specifications

We help to prepare current business ideas for market launch. We shape a product to fit into market infrastructure and current operational processes. Our focus lies around the design concept that can speed up time-to-market.

Existing Products

We support product teams in implementing their roadmaps. We strive to build a fresh look and enhance current ideas. Our experts aim to redefine and improve the future vision of your product.

We Perform
Our five-step design approach allows diving deeply into product discovery and delivering first results quickly
1. Empathy
We arrange an initial interview to gain an empathetic understanding of your inquiry. Through observing, engaging and discussing, our experts define the needs and/or problems to be solved. Together, we define the target audience: their goals, needs, fears and pain points. We overview the main competitors and look for project-focused answers to learn the intricacies.

To understand requirements and define minimum marketable features (MMFs).


Vision statement, Project brief, MMFs.


Kick-off interview (remote/on-site).

2. Definition
We carefully analyze and synthesize your observations. Thus, we build general user persona portraits and describe their typical behavior (including key tasks and problems and the biggest pain points). Then we form a problem statement in a human-centered and solution-focused manner. Based on these steps, we establish user flows and customer journey maps.

To create a general product definition and prioritize features.


User personas, customer journey maps, user flows.


Workshop (remote/on-site).

3. Ideation
We go outside of the box and use various ideation techniques (notes, sketches, how-might-we questions, etc.) to generate fresh and relevant ideas. Within the comprehensive workshop that our team facilitates, we invite the stakeholders to think big and invent creative product solutions. Together, we build wireframes and deliver voting sessions before the final decision making.

To present user journeys and create wireframes.




Workshop (remote/on-site).

4. Creation
We rapidly deliver a scaled-down version of a product or its key features or specific user flows. Keeping in mind potential bottlenecks, we experiment to create the best solution architecture. Our key values are consistency and feasibility.

To build and present a clickable prototype.


A clickable prototype



5. Validation
We involve real users and/or project stakeholders to try product prototype out. During the extensive feedback session, we thoroughly collect all comments to understand user feelings and behavior. Then we examine whether our prototype aligns with a general project vision.

To test and validate a prototype.


Prototype iteration/validation.



We Embrace
We apply tailored solutions and industry best practices for your prominent results and common achievements
UX and technical audit

We revise your product’s current state to identify areas of improvement in UX, functionality, and performance and build new opportunities.

Design sprint

We divide the whole project into short-term phases to quickly answer critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with users and clients.

Human-centered design

We put a user in the center of every product. Thus, our design community develops more elegant and satisfying solutions. Our goal is not just to make things pretty, but to look deeper into how people think and act.

Customer journey mapping

We define interactions that provide the richest user experience. By putting on your user’s shoes, we define both urgent and hidden problems and reframe them.

UX workshops

During the initial discovery phase, you can offer wealth knowledge about the product and vision. Thus, we actively engage key stakeholders to participate in UX sessions to collect all points of view.

Rapid prototyping

A prototype is worth a thousand meetings. We create interactive mockups first to determine exactly how users interact with your product and avoid costly mistakes in the future.

R&D and tech innovation

We combine the power of emerging technologies and human-centered design. Based on domain expertise, we craft new compelling user experiences. It includes a feasibility study, technology selection, product design, 3D modeling, development, and testing.

We Are Agile
We reinforce adaptive responses to change and continual improvements with a strong user-focused environment
We begin the project with a discovery phase to empathetically identify challenging assumptions. Leveraging agile methodology, we consistently deliver engaging and impactful solutions. The whole mechanism forms a chain of frequent regular inputs for high-value and low-risk results.
Our Success Stories
We create sensible changes for humanity through smart and perceptive solutions
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