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This is an outerwear brand for modern women. It provides luxury custom-made bomber jackets.

The company wants to make the ordering process as visual, simple and comfortable as possible. Devabitʼs use of 3D technology helped the company advance this goal considerably.

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We completed a library of the brandʼs materials, textures, forms, and other elements, to make it easy to combine new 3D jacket models. A devabit innovation enabled users to produce multiple potential custom coat renders with the input of only a single coat model.

The time saved helps optimize company marketing budget. From now on 3D models of jackets can be used for many purposes: from advertisements to custom client solutions.

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Business value
Time and productivity factors are crucial to effectiveness in e-commerce. 3D models can easily be rendered and quickly presented, allowing the manufacturer to update the design in no time. 3D models also allow manufacturers, to present products that are still being developed.
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3D technologies save time and money making costly product photoshoots needless. This luxury fashion brand is now able to customize every jacket in terms of materials (suede, lambskin, fish skin), body, sleeves, slides, ribbing, collar, zipper, and lining.

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