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Aervs is a Dubai-based B2B2C SaaS company focused on easing management for fixed-base aviation operations (FBOs). When a client decides to take a flight, he can use the Aervs cloud application to choose a destination, time, cabin crew, and fill in passenger details, etc. Aervs helps organize trip requests, avoids unnecessary calls for updates and tracks any changes to trip briefs.

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The Devabit team was asked to develop user-friendly software with flight detail options in separate interfaces for airline workers and passengers. Particular security was required for passport details.

Aervs views itself as a provider of fully automated operations. Therefore, our engineers had to assure seamless communication, quick response time and streamlined booking from any device. In the end, we developed a user-friendly web-platform and complimentary mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

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Business value
The Aevers application is a one stop shop. By prioritizing trips by requests, time and status, it enables smarter decisions. For airline operators, it helps assign cabin crews for specific accounts and pushes notifications in the app chat to keep everyone updated in real time.
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The Aervs omnichannel platform simplifies operational flight management for FBOs. It captures personal information and selects flight preference detail, resulting in reduced follow-ups and quicker trip confirmations. With the Aevers application customers can book from their smart devices with just a couple of clicks.

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