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Alibi Skills provides language lessons with top curated tutors and native speakers online. It makes tutoring more accessible and provides a wide range of subjects, foreign languages, in particular. It offers such tools as a calendar, personal reminders, video chats and tutor ranking based on studentsʼ feedback.

It also allows a user to enroll either as a tutor or a student, prior to diving into the online studying experience. Tutors can decide on a personal teaching style and students can choose tutors based on criteria they specify.

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devabitʼs main task was to provide a platform with seamless general usability.

First of all, a calendar with lesson reminders and assignments had to be integrated into a userʼs personal dashboard.

Secondly, we had to embed the functionality with a video-chat opportunity to support personal and group lessons. An essential requirement was to provide high-quality video and audio.

Last but not least, the team integrated an interactive whiteboard functionality, a feature unique to Alibi Skills and one that makes learning more visual and easy.

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Business value
Alibi Skills provides a comfortable space for students and tutors to meet. With a well-developed website structure, it is easy to make a relevant choice based on prices, native language, feedback, etc.

It is essential that the online platform supports all the offline processes. This is the only way to turn it into a technological accelerator for business. And we believe that we managed to create one for Alibi Skills.
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E-learning is proving its efficacy every day, especially when combined with such other advanced technologies like interactive whiteboards. It allows studying whenever and wherever is most suitable for a student. Aside from being more economical than traditional face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring also provides access to a broader skill set through a vast network of possible tutors. The company provides access to academic support anywhere, anytime.

Alibi Skills makes cultivating linguistic potential easy, especially with a personal dashboard integrated into a digital whiteboard.

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