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Lendindex is a fintech company with global operations based in New York City, USA. The company offers funding to small businesses through a fully- automated lending platform.

Lendindex is also a global business credit network based on smart contracts. Every company in the network is assigned a score that can be improved by taking and repaying loans. The company’s database contains over 10 million companies with scores based on various factors like years in industry, country transparency, etc.

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To fund any business in the shortest terms, one must complete a thorough analysis and qualify if a company is worth funding. We have taken a full ownership of client's data management needs through creating an expert team. We have been controlling an easy-to-manage portal which has enabled faster business growth and organized the fundings. Our main task is to take calls and find out basic information regarding the client’s credit liability. Besides, we make sure all the applicants are contacted via online messages and calls on time.

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Business value
Lendindex provides a much faster funding than any bank can offer. The innovative and unique credit scoring matrix helps organizations understand the components that make up their business score, giving users complete security and control over their company’s financial health.
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operational efficiency growth


business growth


Data analysts

We are taking care of fast contacting potential clients and managing their applications for funding. Lendindex is a perfect solution for fast funding decisions. We have increased company’s operational efficiency by 35%.

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