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Limeloop is an ultimate logistics solution which contributes into the world’s sustainability. It helps manage shipments and deliver orders in special ecofriendly zips. The package is made from durable vinyl from used billboards, which makes it lightweight and waterproof. It can last for more than 10 years.

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Limeloop is operating on a very competitive market. However, it has a very unique feature: a reusable zip packaging. Devabit team developed a seamless software solution for shipment management. We enabled a streamlined process to ship orders in bulk, provided location tracking and provided the integration with the largest post companies.

In the future, Limeloop is planning to extend their integrations and connect with Alexa, Google Home and Siri. Also, the company desires to be present multi-channel, therefore, the apps for Android and iOS are now at the development stage.

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Business value
Can be reused
Not only is it cheaper than a cardbox but also it can be reused multiple times. The service is meant for big e-commerce companies who want to optimize their inventory and shipments. It has been featured by Fast Company, Forbes and Outside.
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Limeloop is a unique software in terms of offering reusable packaging with a tracking feature and opportunity to return it. The software helps managing shipments of big e-commerce companies. It is fast and combines the opportunity to quickly send the order in eco-friendly packaging and then to track its way back to the inventory.

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