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offline and

10 000

online students in 2017

Lviv IT School (est. in 2013) is a tech educational institution offering a whole range of professional coach-led courses. They assist in encouraging efficient working environment, spreading the technology awareness and enhancing the performance capacity of a company as a whole.

There are over fifty courses, from computer to data science, not to mention a special program for kids. All of them are grouped into eight schools: UI/UX, QA, PM, Code, HR, BDA, DS and LITS4KIDS. The courses are divided into three complexity degrees lasting for roughly three months and are curated by 150 lecturers.

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In the beginning, a customer had a simple user-friendly website based on WordPress. Our task was to rewrite it with a more advanced Yii2 PHP framework. An essential condition was to keep the site structure divided into four cities, where the program is functioning, with eight schools and 50 courses each.

As a result, we proved our competence despite the platform functionality being tough. We provided a sufficient e-learning system integration and a seamless user-friendly environment.

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Business value
With the rapid growth of e-learning, it is crucial for the industry business to hold professional and efficient tools like a website which can boost their sales. Being user-friendly and intuitive, it can transmit a correct message to the school’s target audience.

The website has become a successful online illustration of the company’s business model. In 2017, LITS taught 2 000 students offline and 10 000 online.
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of graduates work in leading Ukrainian IT companies

LITS has become a relevant business solution in the times of rapid evolving of the e-learning industry. Now it is a reliable way to learn a full stack of data for paving a successful career path in IT.

Thousands of graduates, both adults and kids, have already experienced this e-learning platform. Significantly, 70% of graduates have found themselves working in the leading IT companies of Ukraine.

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