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mai is an avatar-led iOS social networking app that brings avatars to life along with more diversity and expression than ever before.

Much like Bitmoji, users can build their own avatars, but they are more true to form with a wider variety of features. Once created, users can then position, place, and resize their avatar on top of a photo or video.

mai’s game-changing feature comes with the choice of 120 different animated actions and poses to bring the avatar to life, along with the ability for users to insert audio from voice input or popular sound bites, which the avatar will lip-sync in real-time.

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The client was looking for a solid development agency with experience R&D specialists to implement the idea that heavily relied on emerging AR technologies. Devabit provided a R&D team of 12 professionals who developed a MVP using markerless technologies (ARKit). Then a team of developers who took the MVP to the next level and built a mind-blowing product which got half a million organic downloads on AppStore.

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Business value
The application made it to top 5 in the category of Social Networking on AppStore. The team of mai believes the app is poised to transform conversions on major social media platforms, especially as social media becomes increasingly important for Millennials. Additionally, they expect the app to become a platform that “defines the modern social experience, especially for communities who are consistently under/misrepresented in digital identity creation.”
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mai team was aiming to allow each user to craft their digital representation and capture who they are online and offline — culturally, stylistically, and ethnically. From our side, the task was to manage and implement their goal technically.

Devabit team built an advanced avatar customization engine. Besides, we designed a sophisticated customizer and animation engine. Finally, we implemented real-time video rendering on mobile and a cutting-edge markerless AR system.

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