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Muzaic is a cohesive web platform designed to connect musicians promoters and venues on a single platform.

A performer can use the app to search for opportunities directly or gather information from promoters. With Muzaic venue owners can find the right performer for any kind of event.

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The major challenge was the DRAG algorithm augmentation. The platform uses it to analyze the artist profile and provide suggestions for potential tour and venue professionals. It reviews performer profiles and suggests connections with relevant promoters and venue owners.

The Devabit team built a dashboard which allows real-time access, communication, and discussion of all bookings by all parties in real-time.

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Business value
The value derived from the product is hard to overestimate. As a music and live-streaming platform, Muzaic stands out among the numerous music platforms on the internet thanks to its algorithms and analytics.
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The whole product resulted in quick matchmaking platform which saves tons of time. It facilitates the decision- making the process by placing all relevant information immediately at the user’s disposal. Above all, it is a communication platform where everyone engaged benefits greatly. Devabit brought to the table a cohesive platform that helps artists promote their career highlights and be discovered by promoters.

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