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Squiz is a trivia game for smartphones. It asks users questions about interesting but infamous facts in various subjects. It requires having a witty mind and certain knowledge to win. The game offers dozens of categories and a bank with thousands of questions, so that the user can endlessly try himself out.

Users can choose to play either alone or to compete with others. Former way allows to earn points and gain a leading place in the game rating. Latter pairs you with other online player and gives both of you same questions. The winner is the one who scores more in less time. Besides, the game also suggests multiplayer tournaments.

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Devabit team was asked to develop Squiz apps both for Android and iOS with a user-friendly catchy design. In a highly-competitive field, this game had to stand out from the crowd thanks to a simple but memorable interface interface and fun experience. The engineers provided a smooth and elegant design and ensured the uninterrupted functioning.

Besides, our engineers had to create a special scoring algorithm. As beating for a higher rating place is the main returning element of this game, it had to both look fair and feel gambling. We managed to develop an algorithm which could balance between both.

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Business value
For Squiz, as a company operating exclusively online, it is crucial to offer flawless web presence. Any inconveniences in terms of design, functioning or interacting may trigger a user to easily switch to a competitor or other type of time-spending on the internet.

Squiz managed to gain over 100 000 downloads on Android solely which proves its competitiveness and fans’ loyalty. Its business model has proved itself and made an app one of the leading players on the market.
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100 000+

downloads on Android


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In the aftermath, Squiz became a booming market player in the category of skill games. They reached a vast circle of loyal fans. Users can choose between multiple ways to play: either alone or against other online players.

Devabit team managed to deliver a catchy, smoothly working apps both for Android and iOS. We inserted a unique scoring algorithm and a massive bank of questions. As a result, Squiz provides not only a fun experience but also some informative and educational elements.

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