Many food companies occasionally have unwanted stock. The problem is that usually these are perishable products which imposes time risk.

Takestock is a perfect solution for such businesses as it is a mobile-first online trading platform for selling efficiently and quickly. Everyone would agree it is unacceptable that so much food is wasted while there definitely is a buyer. It is just a matter of finding a connection tool between sellers and buyers in a timely and convenient manner. This is the exact purpose of the Takestock.


Main goal of this platform is to make any interaction between a buyer and a seller seamless and quick. It allows sellers to unlock the hidden value of being highly mobile thanks to shortening the response time.

Therefore, we built apps for iOS and Android with a sophisticated platform for real-time communication and bidding.

Business value
Any business, which controls stocks and cares about disposing extra inventory, will significantly benefit from TakeStock. Same works for buyers who decide to re-stock. Regularly paying attention to your sales and inventory data is exceptionally important. However, it brings up a question of how and where to get rid of unwanted stock.

A mobile-first solution enables secure transactions creating advantages for sellers, buyers and a safer environment.

5 out of 5

Rating at Google Play

300 000

products listed in 2017


annual growth

Stock management can bring enormous business benefits easier than ever before. Modern technologies let you do it on-the-go and find bargains even for the rarest items.

TakeStock proved its business model with over 300 000 products listed on the platform in 2017. This brought the company 25% growth in sales annually. Besides, its app has been starred 5 out 5 at Google Play.