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Many food companies occasionally have unwanted stock. These are perishable products which makes their successful placement urgent.

If sellers and buyers are connected in a timely and convenient manner, the food won’t be wasted. This is the purpose of Takestock, a mobile-first online trading platform for selling perishable stock quickly and efficiently.

The platform provides quick and seamless interactions between buyers and sellers.

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We built the app for both iOS and Android with a sophisticated platform for real-time communication and bidding. Its mobility shortens the response time for transactions. Users can upload offers, including photos, directly from their phone or respond in real time to offers with minimal key clicks.

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Business value
TakeStock proved its business model with over 300 000 products listed on the platform in 2017. This was accompanied by 25% year-over-year sales growth. It’s been starred 5 out 5 on Google Play.
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5 out of 5

Rating at Google Play

300 000

products listed in 2017


annual growth

Any business needing to dispose of surplus physical inventory will significantly benefit from TakeStock.

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