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Virgin Mobile is an international wireless communications brand. In 2017 the company was aiming to conquer the oversaturated UAE market. They needed a comprehensive marketing campaign with dynamic content to be shown at the biggest media platforms, airports and billboards in the country.

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Devabit was chosen as a major team player responsible for technical implementation of the campaign. We created unique interactive content customized depending on the client’s location. Besides, our engineers implemented online location tracking of the SIM-card delivery.

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Business value
Virgin Mobile was the first company to offer fully digital mobile service in the UAE market. It offers a simple and transparent technology and provides an unmatched customer experience through its innovative app-based service. With help of devabit, Virgin Mobile offers 60 minute delivery of a SIM-card, including online location tracking.
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We enabled Virgin mobile’s marketing campaign with dynamic geo-targeted content featuring automated advertisement customization. When a user interacts with an ad, it shows the message in a particular language. Also, online location tracking of the SIM card uniquely distinguishes the company among rivals on the market.

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