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Talking about buildings, it is very time and money-consuming to make any major changes once the construction begins – and VR can be a solution. At devabit, we created a complex solution to address these problems: a virtual reality application allowing apartment buyers to get an exact idea of its look and introduce any changes before a single brick is laid.

The construction can be simulated in virtual reality as in its normal environment. In addition, in the next versions of the application there will be a community hub where all the users can communicate with each other.

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The viability of an architectural design is essential to be tested. We managed to present a seamless navigation for walking through a virtual copy of a building, passing through hallways and opening doors. Clients can instantly observe lighting, textures, floor materials and furnishing to get a real sense of the final.

Besides, we reduced the number of errors in the completed building and got the positive client interactions along with increased customer satisfaction.

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Business value
First and foremost, a VR-based visual interface allows clients to validate and evaluate the purchase. VR technologies guide potential buyers along the way and work as a manual to their future home.

A community hub is an integral part of any smart house but also one of the key values for the end client.
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With the VRstate, end clients got a better understanding of the space and how a completed project would look like.

Virtual reality is, undoubtedly, the fastest-growing tech trend of today. As a consequence, with its help a simulation of a building allows an organisation to fine-tune a construction process with maximum efficiency and a minimum amount of change.

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