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Steezy is a LA-based e-learning platform for dancers. They strive to become a universal study tool for a dance community with new moves from the world-known professionals. With no personal contact possible, the company still aims to make the experience full and realistic, so that all techniques and instructions are clear.

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Software engineers


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devabit team created a multi-platform solution with a web, Android and iOS versions. This made Steezy accessible for everyone. We provided lessons with a 360° view. This option allows dancers to see every single detail both in front and back. We also enabled the service with online community space where users can get feedback and track their progress.

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Business value

4.6 out 5

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10k +


Steezy combines the idea of Youtube and Coursera in one place. It is a fee-based SaaS solution which has already proved its business model is working. With a user-friendly interface and a multi-platform availability, it is an ultimate solution for dancers all around the world.
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We have developed an enhanced web-platform for dancers. Besides, our engineers created a user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android. What makes the platform unique and especially helpful is a 360° view for dance video lessons.

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