Looking to expand your software development capabilities? With our self-sufficient, dedicated teams for hire, you can easily tap into new tech expertise while driving your business forward.

From expanding your in-house team to acquiring specific tech expertise, our dedicated teams can fulfill a wide array of functions depending on your unique business requirements. Whether you need access to a particular technology expertise by hiring a team of iOS, Android, Laravel, or Node.js developers or want to upscale your in-house development capacity, devabit has established a reputation as a trustworthy dedicated software development partner capable of dealing with business challenges of any type and complexity. Leveraging our long-term recruitment and development experience, we help fast-growing companies and startups scale up and grow their business in the long run.

How to Hire Dedicated Teams in Eastern Europe

At devabit, we follow a rigorous selection process to ensure you can hire dedicated teams of developers who are passionate about creating incredible technology solutions tailored to your unique business.

Requirements Assessment

From the first contact to the final step of our cooperation, we always perceive your needs as a top priority. Do you need a team of 5 or 30 dedicated developers? What are your budget limitations? Are there any specific conditions you would like to discuss? These and many more relevant questions help us dive deeply into your business to create dedicated teams that meet every single requirement.

Evaluating the Candidates

With a team of skilled recruitment specialists, we will save you from any struggles associated with the candidate selection process. Over time, we have gathered a pool of best-in-class candidates, which means we can create dedicated teams per your request in a blink of an eye.

Assembling Your Team

Next, we send you the CVs of the most suitable candidates so that you can set up the final interviews. After all is said and done, you finalize your choices while we proceed to assemble your dedicated teams. At this point, it is time to seal the deal, manage all the paperwork, and ensure all administrative tasks are handled in the right way.

Project Development

Last but not least, it is time to define the roles and jump right to the most exciting part — the development process. While you gain complete control of the product roadmap, all vital decisions, and the overall operations, we are responsible for providing all the required information, tools, tech expertise, and ongoing support.

How We Bring in Top Talent

  • 1st STEP
  • Discussing the product vision, scope, timeline, and budget
  • 2nd STEP
  • Optional, if required
    — discovery phase
  • 3rd STEP
  • Scaling and managing the team of dedicated engineers
  • 4th STEP
  • Team & development daily process management
  • established teams with solid internal processes;
  • companies looking to properly scale up their operations;
  • skillset requirements;
  • project backlog;
  • established processes;
  • experienced tech resources with the needed knowledge & skills;
  • full control over the management & development processes;
  • recruitment flexibility;
  • companies that have a product vision but need a team to execute it;
  • companies seeking to branch off into a different tech stack and/or platform;
  • product vision;
  • integration monitoring;
  • workload allocation;
  • well-established development team;
  • complete control over the development process;
  • flexibility in quick team upscale or downscale;
  • businesses with a conceptual idea they want to turn into an end-to-end solution;
  • functional requirements & acceptance criteria;
  • budget & timeline expectations; overall product vision;
  • vision & scope analysis;
  • design concept;
  • architecture vision;
  • project plan & budget;

Want to test your solution or fill a gap in technology expertise before hiring dedicated teams?

Data center how

Cutting-Edge Discovery Phase to Validate Your Product Concept

Due to our five-step discovery phase, we protect our clients from unexpected expenses by evaluating the idea of their product concept before the actual development stage. Mind mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and end-user testing — these practices help us analyze your idea from various angles. As the first and mandatory stage of any successful project, the discovery phase provides multiple opportunities in terms of making an in-depth proposal for technical implementation, fixing the boundaries of the project, and estimating the approximate cost.

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Teams at devabit

Backed by years of experience building high-performing dedicated teams, we definitely know how to bring value to your business.

01 / Excellent Work Ethics

There is no doubt working with dedicated teams fosters better communication and collaboration. Our development teams work closely together, sharing knowledge and expertise to ensure the final product is of the highest quality. Being fully committed to the process, our dedicated teams always deliver projects on time while ensuring all crucial elements are in place.

02 / Deep Technology Knowledge

Experienced working with a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks, and tools, like Vue.js, Node.js, React.js, and Laravel, to mention just a few, our dedicated teams can successfully cope with projects of any type, complexity, and specialization. From pleasing-to-eye intuitive designs to next-gen web platforms, we empower your solutions with a robust technology foundation in a quick and efficient manner.

03 / Positive Reviews

Let us be honest, receiving positive feedback from our clients is always inspiring. Thus, with 97% of satisfied clients willing to work with our dedicated teams again, we have the powerful motivation to expand our skills with each project on the way. While solving your unique business challenges is our core philosophy, our dedicated teams can become a perfect investment into your further growth.

04 / Proven Track Record

Working with multiple market-leading businesses and startups, devabit has a proven track record of building dedicated teams for clients across various industry verticals. From the state-of-the-art discovery phase to next-gen security measures, our dedicated teams are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed clients' expectations.


We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive solutions.

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When it comes to hiring dedicated teams, there are several routes you can explore to ensure you have a reliable and skilled team of professionals by your side. Whether you need assistance with software development, design, marketing, or any other specialized field, the following options can help you find the perfect dedicated team for your project:

1. In-House Teams

Building an in-house team allows you to have complete control and direct supervision over your projects. You can advertise job openings through various channels like online job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks. Conduct rigorous interviews and assessments to select candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for your organization.

2. Dedicated Development Providers

Many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia, have established dedicated development centers (DDCs) that specialize in providing skilled teams for various projects. Hence, companies like devabit employ professionals with expertise in software development, IT infrastructure, customer support, and other technical domains. Additionally, DDCs offer cost-effective solutions and often have flexible engagement models.

3. Staff Augmentation Agencies

Staff augmentation agencies can connect you with dedicated teams that match your project requirements. These agencies typically have access to a vast talent pool and can provide professionals with the necessary skills on a temporary or long-term basis. They handle the recruitment process, ensuring that you receive pre-screened candidates who align with your project's objectives.

Remember, regardless of the strategy you choose, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate candidates or teams based on their experience, expertise, portfolio, and references. Clearly communicate your project requirements, goals, and timelines to ensure everyone is on the same page. Regular communication, project management tools, and milestone tracking will help keep the team focused and productive. By exploring these options, you can find dedicated teams that align with your project's needs, ultimately increasing the chances of success and achieving your desired outcomes.

In recent years, Ukraine has emerged as a prominent destination for businesses seeking top talent and exceptional expertise. Several compelling factors make Ukraine an excellent choice for companies looking to hire dedicated teams. Here are some reasons why you should consider Ukraine:

1. Rich Pool of IT Professionals

Ukraine has a robust and thriving IT industry, with a large talent pool of highly skilled professionals. The country produces a significant number of IT graduates every year, ensuring a steady supply of qualified candidates. Ukrainian developers, designers, and engineers are known for their technical competence, innovation, and problem-solving abilities.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions

While Ukraine offers exceptional technical talent, it also provides cost-effective solutions compared to many Western countries. The cost of living in Ukraine is relatively lower, resulting in competitive rates for dedicated teams services. Hiring dedicated teams in Ukraine allows you to maximize your budget and get more value for your investment without compromising quality.

3. English Proficiency

Communication is crucial when working with dedicated teams, and Ukraine has a high level of English proficiency among its IT professionals. Language barriers are minimal, enabling smooth collaboration, efficient project management, and effective communication throughout the development process. This ensures that your instructions, feedback, and expectations are clearly understood by the team.

4. Cultural Alignment and Time Zone Compatibility

Ukrainian professionals are known for their strong work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to meeting project deadlines. The country shares similar cultural values with Western countries, making it easier to establish effective working relationships and understand client expectations. Moreover, Ukraine is located in a time zone that overlaps with many European countries, allowing for real-time communication and collaboration.

5. Proximity to Europe

Ukraine's geographical proximity to Europe is an advantage for businesses based in European countries. It makes travel and on-site visits more convenient, facilitating face-to-face meetings and strengthening business relationships. The overlapping time zones also ensure effective coordination and prompt responses to any urgent project needs.

When hiring dedicated teams, Ukraine offers a unique combination of technical expertise, competitive pricing, cultural alignment, and a supportive business environment.

Efficiently managing dedicated teams is crucial for achieving project success and ensuring optimal collaboration. Here are some key strategies and best practices to help you effectively manage dedicated teams: establish transparent communication;

  • define roles and responsibilities;
  • regular check-ins and feedback;
  • foster a positive team culture;
  • set realistic expectations;
  • empowerment and autonomy.

Hiring dedicated teams for software development offers numerous advantages that make it the best option for businesses. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider hiring dedicated teams for your software development projects:

  • expertise and specialization;
  • scalability and flexibility;
  • cost efficiency;
  • time savings;
  • focus and dedication;
  • seamless collaboration;
  • quality assurance;
  • reduced risk;
  • long-term collaboration.

Nowadays, you can hire dedicated teams in every corner of the world, from India to the US. Still, Eastern Europe remains one of the most favored destinations when it comes to hiring dedicated teams, and there are several crucial reasons for such a mind-blowing popularity.

1) Highly Educated Workforce

According to recent statistics, nearly 90% of young adults (20-24 years old) had completed at least an upper-secondary education. With such a high level of education, young developers possess the proper theoretical knowledge to grow into skilled professionals with a perfect balance of hands-on experience and academic background.

2) Versatile Culture

Hiring developers in Eastern Europe is a good idea if you want to avoid cultural differences. Proficient in English, Eastern European dedicated teams offer well-established communications and flexible cooperation models adjusted to customer preferences.

3) IT Industry

It is not a secret that the IT industry is one of the most prominent domains in Eastern Europe. As an inseparable part of their economic ecosystem, the European IT sector grows and develops at a rapid pace due to significant government investments.

Looking for the right location to hire dedicated teams? We hope the above-mentioned reasons convinced you to consider Eastern Europe.

When it comes to hiring dedicated teams, there are no limitations concerning the number of developers. Whether you want to hire 2 Android developers or want to create a large team of 15 dedicated web programmers, companies like devabit offer flexible cooperation models adjusted to your unique requirements.

Typically, everything depends on the type and scope of your project, as well as the specific requirements and goals. In this way, it is always better to get in touch with our consultancy experts before hiring dedicated developers. After a rigorous analysis of your project expectations, the devabit team will help you decide on the number of developers for a dedicated team.

Proper security management is an inseparable part of each successful project, especially in collaborative environments like dedicated teams. Hence, let us take a look at the standard security measures we offer with the dedicated teams:

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Speaking of legal confidentiality obligations, NDA is necessary to protect your property. Clearly defining what parts of your project and related information are considered confidential, this agreement ensures dedicated teams will follow all security measures while also highlighting the consequences of unauthorized disclosure.

Access Control

It is always essential to limit access to sensitive information only to those members of dedicated teams who need it directly for their work. To establish proper access control, we use robust security mechanisms that prevent unauthorized access to critical data and documents.

Secure Collaboration Tools

Using secure communication and collaboration tools that offer end-to-end encryption is also of paramount importance when hiring dedicated teams. In this way, we ensure any data shared or discussed within dedicated teams remains confidential.

Regular Training

At devabit, we constantly educate dedicated teams about the importance of data protection. Thus, we conduct regular training sessions to raise awareness about security practices and reduce the risk of information breaches.

Remote Work Policies

Another security measure you should pay attention to is remote work security. If you hire dedicated teams remotely, it is necessary to establish clear policies and guidelines for remote work security. For instance, our dedicated teams use only secure Wi-Fi connections, virtual private networks (VPNs), and secure device practices.

In these paragraphs, we mentioned the standard security measures devabit follows. However, these practices can be easily tailored to the specific needs of our clients. If you need a consultation, contact our legal professionals and cybersecurity experts for valuable insights and guidance on protecting your intellectual property while hiring dedicated teams.

At devabit, we always establish flexible cooperation with our dedicated teams, which means you can adjust workflow to your evolving project requirements at every point of the way.

Over and above that, our dedicated teams follow agile methodologies like Scrum to incorporate changes efficiently throughout the development process. Typically, dedicated teams work in short iterations (sprints) so that they can adapt to new working conditions at the beginning of each sprint.

Last but not least, our dedicated teams ensure detailed documentation of project requirements and scope is in place. This practice not only helps to keep a track record of the tasks completed by dedicated teams but also helps in evaluating the impact of implemented changes. Therefore, any changes or updates are documented to maintain a clear understanding of the progress.

There is no doubt that addressing issues in a professional setting is a delicate procedure that requires effective communication and a strategic approach. Fortunately, our dedicated teams follow several efficient strategies to escalate emerging issues and concerns:

  • regular consultations with team managers and PMs;
  • clear escalation paths;
  • well-establishes communication;
  • creative approach to problem-solving practices;
  • transparent escalation documentation.

As we have already sorted out, legal agreement is an inseparable part of cooperation with our dedicated teams. Thus, we clearly define a realistic project scope and timeline in the SLA.

At the same time, by implementing project planning, regular communication, task prioritization, risk management, and achievement celebration strategies, we create a unique working environment that fosters alignment and helps dedicated teams stay on track with the project timeline.

We believe that keeping an eye on industry trends and innovations is a key to success, especially when it comes to dedicated teams. In this regard, we foster a culture that values learning and provides the necessary resources for our dedicated teams to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our dedicated teams are equipped with the latest tools and technologies, ensuring your market-leading projects keep the pace with trending innovations.



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