Master the Art of Inventing Stunning Product Concepts with Our R&D Engineering Services

We know what inspiration tastes like: the mesh of fluttering hope and overwhelming desire to corner the new heights. Powered by inspiration and beckoned by emerging opportunities, companies frequently rush into extremes by turning their ideas into real products too fast. Unfortunately, inspiration is a fragile ingredient when it comes to the recipes of truly successful products. One misstep can become a fatal mistake for your business. After all, how to save this inspiring firepower without damaging your performance? First — test, only then — invest. That is how it actually works, and our R&D engineering services will help you with this challenge. Our R&D engineering company obtains knowledge that will eventually result in new or enhanced services, technologies, processes, products, or systems to place your business at the top of the competition.

R&D Engineering Services We Handle

We research, explore, test, validate, and do everything in our power to ensure your products are one hundred percent feasible and polished to perfection.

Basic Research

Just like a well-built construction, our research starts with a solid foundation that firmly holds the massive structure. We immerse ourselves deep into your business to reach the core pain points, promising perspectives, and hidden shortcomings. Such a thorough approach enables us to define the key goals and objectives of your next industry-leading solution. Then, with this basic research in mind, we build you a team of best-in-class R&D engineers that are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Technical Feasibility Research

Our R&D company evaluates the viability of the project idea from different standpoints, including materials, labor, etc. The primary goal of our technical feasibility study is to help top business managers narrow down various opportunities and limitations along with making informed go/no-go decisions. In a nutshell, this kind of R&D engineering service enables you to determine whether the project is technically possible.

Ad-Hoc Demos

Do not tell. Show instead. This meaningful slogan perfectly describes a modern society of visual consumers. Paying tribute to this emerging tendency, we bring your vision to life with ad-hoc demonstrations. Therefore, our R&D engineers develop innovations on existing technology/tooling to decrease production expenses and satisfy the current or future economic requirements of our customers. We create design projects and specification sheets and then present completed ad-hoc demos to management and stakeholders.

Product Concept Validation

The product undergoes multiple phases, ranging from development to post-implementation. However, what happens next, when it reaches the end-user? Win or lose. Of course, such a tricky lottery may be truly breathtaking like a roller-coaster but not when it comes to your business. To help you avoid an unforeseen collapse, we perform thorough product concept validation. Our professionals test your product in the actual (or simulated) use environment to ensure it meets its intended use and the needs of its end-users.

Industry & Market Analysis

Does your product correspond to current trends? Is it good enough to overpower your key competitors? Does it meet the requirements and preferences of your potential customers regarding their demographics, budgets, and spending patterns? These and many more critical questions arise during our industry & market analysis. Thankfully, our R&D analysts and market research specialists not only identify these obstacles but also find creative ways to adjust the product's features to your business needs.

Make Your Product Stand Out

Rd engineering services devabit
with Comprehensive R&D Development Process

Only three steps keep you from awesome products that will blow your customers' minds. Are you ready to walk through this research path with devabit?

1 Research & Validation

First, our R&D engineering team thoroughly analyzes your product concept. This step is crucial for further product validation, as well as defining the scope of work. During this phase, we frame the approximate budget and identify potential technical limitations and risks. Being the fundamental part of the R&D services, research and validation activities are pivotal to establishing technology excellence and the strong market prospect of the future solution.

2 Proof of Concept (PoC)

Taking the previous research into count, our business analysts and market analysis specialists develop a proof of concept for your idea. Hence, we build an initial product prototype to prove the idea's viability, which is exceptionally essential for moving forward with the R&D process. At devabit, we believe that the successful PoC development phase is a combination of the client's complete freedom of creativity and our professional R&D assistance. Therefore, thanks to such a unique approach to PoC, the result can genuinely impress any investor.

3 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Do you want to shorten the time-to-market period and enter the marketplace before the competitors? Then, MVP development is a safe and fast way to satisfy this desire. MVP not only helps us validate the solution quickly but also allows our R&D engineers to collect market feedback. Thus, our R&D company will easily create an MVP based on your idea and solution prototypes so that your product can pass a battle test while also getting ready for additional revisions.

What Our R&D Engineering Services Can Help You With

Backed by years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art R&D engineering services, we apply industry best practices to reach superior results.

01 / Painstaking Market Analysis

With our R&D engineering services, you can get a 360-degree outlook of your business's market share, so that you can provide clients with a pertinent and timely offer.

02 / Improve Existing Products

Wondering why your product is no longer profitable? R&D engineering services will help you identify the reason along with proposing a tailor-made solution.

03 / Introduce New Products Successfully

R&D engineering services and product development usually go hand-in-hand. The in-depth analysis will help you gain a deep knowledge of the market and user needs before designing a new product.

04 / Choose the Right Technology

We specify software stacks and hardware features that could meet your unique business needs, utilizing our vast knowledge to scope out the benefits and weaknesses of each innovative technology.

Take a Look at Our R&D Engineering Success Stories

We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive R&D solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it briefly, research and development, mostly known as R&D engineering services, is a specific set of analytical activities that businesses undertake to introduce new products. What is more, R&D engineering services are considered the first stage of the product development process. Due to the vast scope of research capabilities provided by R&D engineering services, companies can stay ahead of market trends.

As we have already sorted out, R&D engineering services represent an inseparable part of product development. Nevertheless, what other reasons indicate why R&D engineering services are so essential for companies' success? Here we gathered some of them:

  1. R&D engineering services provide companies with multiple cost management benefits.
  2. R&D-driven solutions are associated with advancements in marketing abilities.
  3. Better end-user engagement due to pain points identified.
  4. Smaller companies engaged in R&D can attract more investors.
  5. The future growth of the company is largely correlated with the R&D department/vendor.

It should be noted that R&D engineering services are always associated with risks. Why? Well, everything is pretty obvious: it involves trying out new, untested product concepts, so there is no guarantee it will bring the desired result. In other words, sometimes companies invest in R&D to test products that turn out to be unworkable. However, it doesn't mean that R&D engineering services are inefficient. On the contrary, it saves companies from enormous expenses.

When it comes to product development, R&D engineering services are of paramount importance. As an inseparable part of conducting thorough research, designing prototypes, testing and refining concepts, and ultimately delivering a market-ready product, R&D engineering services ensure that products meet or exceed customer expectations and adhere to industry standards.

There is no doubt that R&D engineering services can be a worthwhile initiative for nearly all industrial verticals. By way of illustration, R&D engineering services benefit industries like:

  • technology;
  • healthcare;
  • automotive;
  • eCommerce.

In general, R&D engineering services are versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different sectors, fostering innovation and growth.

While protecting intellectual property is of utmost importance when outsourcing R&D engineering services, there are several intellectual property protection strategies businesses should stay aware of. For instance, patenting inventions, confidentiality agreements, and clear ownership verification can be a perfect solution for companies that want to protect their valuable data assets. Over and above that, legal consultation is a great option for navigating the complexities of intellectual property rights.



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