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Pair of Thieves is a US-based clothing brand striving to provide customers with “amazing breathability, moisture wicking and über comfy fit”. The company has always been taking much care of their online presence. Once they questioned themselves how to optimize the web presentation of new collections.

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The visualization was supposed to be not only good-looking but also universal in terms of using models in the future. Bearing that in mind, devabit team developed a whole new approach for modeling and imitating clothes forms. Thus, once new patterns and designs are released, it is easy to prepare the visualization.

Moreover, the designers built ultra realistic PBR (physically based rendering) textures, so that a user can zoom clothes to distinguish single threads. Finally, we completed a library of the brand’s materials, textures, seams, cuts and other elements, so that it is as easy to combine new 3D models as possible.

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Business value
In order to win the market, Pair of Thieves has to constantly work on new clothing ideas and concepts. This solution helps the company to focus more on building the quality product. The automated system for image creation saves much time and effort while looks flawlessly realistic.
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Regular updates require good visual content. This means each time hiring photographers, models, retouchers, make-up artists to organize a photoshoot and then upload it online. The process is both time and money consuming. As a solution it was offered to make 3D realistic models. In result, our client got an easy-to-use stable platform to customize new clothing model, quickly present them and sell online.

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