Realtime Customizer for Premium Jewelry Brand

3D modeling solution for a large Danish manufacturer
Shamballa jewels project by devabit

About the Customer

Shamballa Jewels is a Danish manufacturer of premium jewelry.

A company was striving to optimize its internal operations by increasing manufacturing effectiveness and relations with retailers. As a solution, it was offered to develop an integrated ERP and CRM system with the ability to construct customized bracelet models.

The platform called 'Bracelet Designer' was meant to help a user pick up the desired type of string along with every single bead.

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7 years (ongoing)

Business Challenge

To bring the idea to life, we needed high-quality images of all the jewelry elements from the catalog.

The most challenging part was to illustrate jewelry pieces realistically — including the right angle of lights, shadows, and gems glitter. Thus, we intended to create such a realistic design so that it would be impossible to tell whether this is a 3D render or a real-life photo.

This required delivering thousands of images of every single bead in every possible position. The devabit team presented an innovative idea of automation. It allowed producing impressive amounts of renders with only one bead model inputted. Having saved much time, we also helped optimize the marketing budget. From now on, it is possible to use any type of bracelet in any position for many purposes: from advertisements to custom client solutions.

Shamballa 3d model1

Enjoy the Endless Benefits

  1. 3D technologies save time and money, making costly product photoshoots needless.
  2. Elegant 3D models can perfectly display the advantages of your products.
  3. Displaying your luxury products to a broader audience has never been easier.

How We Did It

Shamballa jewels project by devabit
  1. Collecting photo references
  2. 3D modeling
  3. 3D rendering
  4. Bracelet customizer
  5. Long-term partnership

Value Delivered

Being a premium brand, Shamballa Jewels carefully considers the ways to develop and promote its business.

In e-commerce, it is crucial to win the time and productivity factors. 3D technologies save time and money, making costly product photoshoots needless. Manufacturers get a chance to show products that are yet being developed. Moreover, 3D models can be easily transformed and quickly presented. Thus, a manufacturer can update the design within a minimum time span.

The devabit team opened up a new opportunity for Shamballa Jewels: selling fine jewelry before it is produced. In the future, we are planning to develop an automation system also for necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.

Shamballa Jewels

As consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, a solution lies in integrating premium Danish jewelry traditions with elegant 3D technologies.

What Customers Say About Us

"It was a pleasure for us to work with the devabit team. They have proven their expertise by producing highly qualitative solutions for us. devabit experts helped us avoid costly and timely photo shoots of the jewelry by providing high-quality 3D renders. As we work with retailers, it was crucial for us to find an effective way of communication with them and automate operational processes".

Sofie Langebæk
Digital Development Manager at Shamballa



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