Cutting-Edge 3D Modeling Services that Will Help Your Products Thrive

3D modeling. So easy to understand, so hard to explain. Although this well-known term refers to creating virtual three-dimensional objects and surfaces, have you ever wondered what is actually standing behind this explanation? In fact, 3D modeling is more than just life-like visualizations. It is a significant tribute to modernity, the foundation of the metaverse, which enters our lives at a rapid pace.

Now is the time for businesses to implement computer-rendered images as a powerful tool for branding, marketing, and sales strategies. Now is the time to trust only recognized industry leaders. Now is the time to choose our 3D modeling services that power up future-oriented companies.

3D Modeling Services that Cater to All Your Business Needs

Each company is unique, so requirements also vary from business to business. Fortunately, with such a broad scope of specializations, we can find the best 3D modeling solution for everyone.


As the market shifts online, our 3D modeling services help jewelry manufacturers keep their authenticity and chic while engaging customers in effective and innovative ways. Leveraging unimagined freedom of design, we create new frontiers for your brand's customized jewelry.


Be careful with your dreams, they might come true due to the mesh of our mind-blowing 3D modeling services and 3D printing technologies. Hence, you can enjoy ideating your interactive toys and characters while we will take care of the rest.


How to hack a customers' decision-making process? With 3D modeling services, it is even easier than you may think. Just provide your clients with the feeling that the product matches their livingroom — enable them to explore a piece of furniture online just like in real life.


In the light of the rapidly emerging eCommerce sector, the modern fashion industry has turned into a new category of digital clothing. Fortunately, with our 3D modeling services, the online environment is not a problem but rather a unique opportunity for your brand.

5 Reasons to Choose Our 3D Modeling Services

for Your Next Market-Leading Solution

We understand that selecting trustworthy 3D modeling services may be a challenging task. Yet, we don't insist. Instead, we just show how devabit can give a new breath to your business.

1. Understanding Your Marketing Goals

At devabit, we know that being a market visionary is extremely important in the contemporary business ecosystem. Therefore, our 3D modeling services are aimed at helping businesses sell before the actual manufacturing. Our agile approach allows companies to avoid costly investments. At the same time, we provide exclusive 3D models that assure your potential buyers of the top quality of your products.

2. Diversified Industry Verticals

From computer-rendered images of jewelry and detailed videos of aircraft models to interactive real estate solutions, devabit has deep expertise in various business niches. By working with the world's most renowned clients, our experts gained the necessary skills and experience in the 3D domain. Whether you need to create a stunning game character or cozy armchair for your store, devabit always comes up with the appropriate 3D model to impress your customers.

3. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

3D models are pivotal to architectural visualization and video & gaming creation. However, are 3D modeling services limited by these purposes of use? Luckily, no, no, and again no: with 3D product photography, you can get the visuals that will demonstrate your product strengths in the high-resolution images. Thus, you can quickly bring your invention to the market and capture the target audience's attention.

4. Speeding Up Your Time to Market

There is nothing as priceless as time, especially when it comes to business. While your competitors spend months creating high-quality prototypes, you can shorten this period thanks to 3D modeling services. Accordingly, by reducing the design period, you will get your product to the market faster. As a result, your company will receive higher profits along with a competitive advantage in the long-term perspective.

5. Premium Service

We appreciate the trust of our clients. For this reason, we establish transparent cooperation, set measurable goals, and offer realistic deadlines. Every step, from the initial interview to the delivery of the completed 3D model, is associated with respect and flexibility. What is more, we always place emphasis on the security of your ideas and solutions. Thereupon, your materials and information provided for work are carefully protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3D modeling is the process of creating virtual models, which enables showing up the size, shape, and appearance of an object and its characteristics with maximum accuracy. In a nutshell, this is the creation of three-dimensional images and graphics using specialized software programs. Furthermore, 3D modeling services allow you to present the model from all angles and eliminate the shortcomings identified in the process of its creation.

To create a 3D model, artists implement special software programs. Thus, they manipulate points in virtual space (called vertices) and then create a mesh, also known as a group of vertices that comprise a virtual object. Next, 3D models are often exported to other software in order to use them in games or videos.

Nowadays, manufacturers across all industries are striving to increase their productivity, so 3D modeling services may become a new step ahead of the competition. Here are several examples of how 3D modeling services can benefit your business:

  • streamlining product design process;
  • easing the process of physical prototyping;
  • identifying design & quality issues;
  • design transparency;
  • cost-efficiency & optimization of material usage;
  • vast marketing capabilities;
  • accurate visualizations.

Of course, it is even impossible to list all the advantages of 3D modeling services in one article, so we mentioned only some of them.

There are always two sides to every coin. Nevertheless, the good news is that the disadvantages of 3D modeling services do not refer to the actual result as they are rather related to the process:

  • 3D modeling software packages are pretty expensive;
  • to form a team of specialized 3D modeling designers, a vendor requires to invest a lot of time and resources.

Fortunately, our clients do not have to worry about these challenges because devabit's expert team is equipped with the necessary tech stack to provide cutting-edge 3D models.

  • Virtual and augmented reality;
  • Game design;
  • Animation;
  • Architecture & interior design;
  • Retail industry;
  • eCommerce industry.

Yes, it will definitely save you money, time, and effort. When you outsource 3D modeling services, there is no need to hire in-house professionals and provide them with pricey equipment and software. As a result, you can cut costs by hiring a team of experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time worker.



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