Here Starts Your Own Chapter in this Mind-Blowing Software Engineering Journey

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the phrase 'software engineering services'? Coding, complex development processes, specific methodology, and various programming tools. Of course, it is the correct description but definitely not the complete one. That is because our software engineering company provides much more than raw technologies and functionalities. Software development is our passion, and this is the point.
The powerful mesh of creativity, unique problem-solving approach, future-oriented vision, and deep industry-related knowledge enables us to create something truly meaningful. What exactly? Outstanding software solutions that lead companies to success.

Software Engineering Services that Cater to All Your Business Needs

Each company is unique, so requirements also vary from business to business. Fortunately, with such a broad scope of specializations, we can find the best solution for everyone.

Hire Dedicated Teams

Leveraging our long-term recruitment and development experience, our expert team helps fast-growing companies and startups hire dedicated teams to scale up and grow their business in the long run.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

Seeking to find a reliable and flexible way to expand your IT capabilities? Luckily, you are in the right place at the right time. At devabit, we offer experienced IT professionals eager to solve your business challenges in an efficient and professional manner.

Software SaaS Development

If you are reading this, now is the time to move to the cloud, and our SaaS development services will help you with this challenge. While we seamlessly migrate your users, data, and apps into the cloud, you can spend valuable time growing your business.

Mobile Development

Want to get better customer engagement? Then, our mobile developers are at your service. By choosing the devabit team, you will get fast-performing, intuitive, and secure mobile apps tailored to your industry.

Custom Web Development Services

Whether you require an appealing and feature-rich website to improve customer engagement, a web portal to enhance the brand's visibility, or a robust application to streamline business processes, devabit always has the solution.

PoC in Software Development

With our PoC development services, missteps aren't a matter for you anymore. Everything is obvious: you propose an idea, our engineers turn this idea into a proof of principle in order to explore its potential. Fast, easy, efficiently. The same as your way to success with devabit.

5 Reasons to Choose Our Software Engineering Company

for Your Next Market-Leading Solution

We understand that selecting a trustworthy software engineering provider may be a challenging task. We don't insist. Instead, we just show how devabit can give a new breath to your business.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

There is no doubt that well-chosen words are half of success. Nevertheless, they don't make any sense without practical evidence. In this regard, devabit undeniably thrived: with a dozen of successfully delivered solutions, we have managed to generate a great portfolio to support these pretty-looking sentences about our expertise. Check it out and see for yourself. Maybe, we will see your project on this list soon.

2. Pain Points Identified

SaaS platform, mobile or web application... Why do businesses choose this or that software solution? Typically, to solve a particular problem, which can sometimes be quite puzzling to identify for a software provider. Thankfully, not for devabit. Due to our client-centric approach, our talented engineers know how to detect your pain points and transform them into strengths with robust software solutions.

3. The Sky Is the Limit

We are proud of our software engineering services for a good reason: many positive reviews by our satisfied clients cannot but please us. Meanwhile, arrogance is not our philosophy. Our software engineering company perceives all achievements as a powerful motivational tool. Therefore, the devabit's team constantly grows and improves their skills, so our software engineering services also expand.

4. Keeping an Eye on Trends

With such a great variety of changes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), this area is constantly evolving. Multiple technological landscape transformations, growing consumer demands, emerging market trends — our software engineers pay attention to each tendency in order to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions applicable in the modern business environment.

5. Agile approach

We serve diversified industry verticals from manufacturing to healthcare, and each poses its own requirements. Nevertheless, how is it possible to respond to all of them effectively? With our agile approach to software engineering services, it is easy. At devabit, we implement well-established project management to guarantee on-time, on-budget, and goal-based software delivery.

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View all projects

Frequently Asked Questions

At first glance, it seems like this question is too bland. Still, it is one of the most frequently searched requests in Google, so we will help you sort all things out. In a nutshell, software engineering is about designing and writing software for computers as well as other technical devices. Software engineering applies mathematical analysis and computer science in order to create a robust system, utility, or computer software.

The software helps companies in a variety of ways, ranging from automating routine tasks to streamlining business operations. Software engineering provides the following advantages:

  • online data security;
  • time- and cost-saving capabilities;
  • enhanced efficiency and reliability;
  • modularity and flexibility;
  • compatibility and adaptability.

It should be noted that everything depends on the particular software solution you choose, so there is no universal list of advantages.

When you choose a reliable software provider, there are several critical points worth your attention:

  • First, it can be a great sign if a software engineering company offers a vast brunch of products and services. It is always preferable to get a turnkey solution rather than work with several different providers simultaneously.
  • Second, pay specific attention to the portfolio and reviews. These two points represent the primary characteristics you should consider: scope of experience and level of customer satisfaction.
  • Last but not least, do not forget about pricing policy and communication type as sometimes these standard elements may become decisive.

After all, how to find a software engineering company with all of the mentioned characteristics? Fortunately, you do not have to flip thousands of web pages as you have already found it. You are at the right place, at devabit.

When it comes to price, most business owners are puzzled. Where can they find skilled professionals without causing a budget collapse? Of course, in Ukraine. On average, hiring a middle engineer costs $35-$60 per hour, while working with seniors will be a little more expensive, approximately $55-$90.

To request project estimation, contact us and get a free consultation right now.

Sure, it has, and this future is even more promising than you think. The software engineering market has been rising for a long time and reveals no sign of stopping now. In light of this tendency, the future of software engineering signifies that programming will penetrate almost all business sectors and everyday activities.



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