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Squadfusion is the US-based B2B2C sports management software. It is meant to help manage sports teams and leagues. As a SaaS platform, it is supposed to be simply designed, yet to contain multiple features like memberships, registrations, payments, rostering, scheduling, communication, and more.

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Devabit team provided a user-friendly cloud-based platform which allows users to create customizable club websites. It is also possible to schedule events, collect payments, make integrated reports and announcements and register personal accounts. Although the whole system is very complex and includes various functions, it is very easy to maintain for the end user.

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SquadFusion is combining a robust sports management platform with a rich team experience. Running an amateur sports club, league, or team has always required a lot of work. SquadFusion is a tool which simplifies and optimizes organizational and administrative elements of the job.
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Devabit team successfully implemented a complex SaaS solution for sports management with automated data reporting and integrated payment system. SquadFusion software has been supporting many small to medium amateur and professional sports clubs for a while now. It has become a reliable partner in all their administrative work helping to save time and focus on sports.

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