Prescription Fulfillment Solution for a Large Pharmacy Company

An all-in-one web platform for easily accessing, managing, and transferring prescription and patient information

About the Project

Our client is a revolutionary pharmacy company offering a unique API integration service for prescription fulfillment.

Thanks to a comprehensive solution developed by the devabit team, pharmacists can easily manage data about processing, compounding, packaging, and preparing prescription orders to be shipped or picked up depending on patient preference. Aimed at revolutionizing prescription fulfillment processes, this cutting-edge project seeks to establish an advanced web solution empowering pharmacists to tailor custom compounded medications.

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The key objective of this state-of-the-art project is to help pharmacists create custom compounded medications, specialty medications, and nutritional supplements for a wide variety of purposes, leveraging the power of innovative technology to streamline pharmaceutical processes.

In broad terms, this project assists our client in promoting wellness, enhancing and maintaining high-quality patient care practices, and meeting the unique requirements of the US community through a personalized approach to prescription fulfillment procedures.

Prescription fulfillment solution: Pharmacy Innovations

Customer Challenge

While large drug manufacturers typically rely on a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creating medications, modern pharmacy companies lack individualized and customized remedies required to serve a broader range of patients and, therefore, facilitate a healthier generation in the future.

Over and above that, pharmacists are often expected to manually manage the whole prescription fulfillment process. In the face of declining reimbursement rates, this adverse tendency leads to staff shortages as healthcare workers flee the industry because of a responsibility-compensation imbalance.

To overcome these challenges, our client required a robust solution that not only automates prescription fulfillment processes but also allows for a customizable approach to each medication order.

Prescription fulfillment solution: Pharmacy Innovations

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Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Patient Automation


1 year, ongoing

Discovery Phase

Since the discovery phase is a preliminary step of each successful project, especially in the healthcare domain, we started by developing feature definitions, user workflows, and platform architecture.

To create a detailed project roadmap that mitigates potential risks, devabit utilized the valuable experience of the client's competitors, paying precise attention to their key pain points and success achievements. Thanks to several user testing activities and analysis of current trends in the pharmaceutical industry, our expert team came up with an exclusive project roadmap that turns comprehensive processes into streamlined workflows.

With such a stable foundation for the further stages of software development, we ensured our client would get a next-gen web solution that would fit the evolving market ecosystem and benefit both pharmacies and their clients.

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UI/UX Design Process

Since automation stands out as one of the primary project foundations, the design elements, including user navigation, color palette, and overall visual impression, were aligned with the brand's strategy.

Within the scope of the design process, our skilled team conducted an efficient migration from the desktop to the web project version while simplifying the customer base. At the same time, we put an emphasis on creating high-quality interfaces while ensuring next-gen accessibility so that the employee onboarding process was as simple and easy as possible.

While overloading users with information is a common problem with pharmaceutical apps, we kept our design simple yet intuitive. Rather than providing pharmacists with all the data about the patient and the prescription at once, the app offers users only the information they need at each step, naturally guiding them through the particular workflow.

Development Process

Since our client already had a desktop app with a wide array of useless functions, our main development objective was extracting the most valuable utilities while removing irrelevant ones. Throughout the development process, our team worked on simplifying and modernizing these functions to turn them into a robust web application that does not require installation on users' desktops.

Instead of sticking to the old-fashioned desktop app, we used market-leading development tools and approaches that, combined with Agile and Scrum methodology, resulted in a functional web solution with easy and convenient data processing opportunities.

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Business Value

Equipped with robust functionality and multiple page screens, this one-of-a-kind web solution enables users to:
  • Easily access, manage, and transfer prescription information.
  • Enter, edit, and save prescription data.
  • Automate the prescription fulfillment process.
  • Find the necessary information in a fast and efficient manner.

Summing up, the devabit team managed to meet and exceed the client's expectations by delivering value in these aspects:

  • Enhancement and maintenance of high-quality patient care practices.
  • Streamlining pharmaceutical processes through automation, resulting in increased operational efficiency.
  • Personalized approach to prescription fulfillment procedures.
  • Addressing challenges related to industry-wide intricacies, contributing to a more sustainable pharmacy ecosystem.
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Page Screens:

  • Patient List
  • Patient Profile
  • RX List
  • Formula List
  • Chemicals

End-to-end development

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Our services include:

  • UI design
  • Web & mobile development
  • Product management
  • Quality assurance
  • DevOps and Cloud

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