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Unorganized information can prevent any business from thriving. Therefore, our data conversion specialists transform unstructured raw data into actionable business insights. Leveraging robust data conversion technologies, devabit provides a full range of data conversion services. By transforming the data collected from multiple resources into a uniform and easy-to-operate format, we help businesses unlock new insights that may otherwise go overlooked. Convert your data and gain a unique perspective along with a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of the information you have.

Services Handled by Our Data Conversion Specialists

Data converting includes a multitude of different aspects. Fortunately, we cover all of them.

HTML Conversion

Our data conversion specialists have the expertise to transform a variety of file formats into HTML. This includes PPT, plain text files, Adobe Flash projects, RTF documents, various image formats, PDFs, and even complex design files. This service is essential for businesses and individuals looking to make their content web-ready, ensuring it is accessible on various digital platforms.

Document Conversion

Our team excels at converting a wide range of document types. They can transform document imaging files and scanned images into editable text files, facilitating data retrieval and editing. Additionally, we can convert PDF documents into JPEG or TIFF formats for easier image handling or into Microsoft Word documents for text manipulation and formatting. It is ideal for archiving, record-keeping, and making documents editable and searchable.

PDF Conversion

Our data conversion specialists are proficient in handling both editable and non-editable PDF files, converting them into formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Adobe InDesign. This flexibility is crucial for repurposing content for different formats and uses, such as data analysis, detailed editing, or professional publishing. It is particularly valuable in environments where data needs to be transferred between different software platforms efficiently.

XML Conversion

In XML conversion, our team focuses on extracting data from scanned documents and encoding it into XML format. Such a process is vital for businesses that need to standardize data storage, improve data sharing across systems, and ensure long-term data accessibility. XML is highly versatile and well-suited for complex data structures, making it an excellent choice for web development, database management, and software application integration.

Data Conversion Services

in Action

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve.

1 Client Requirements

There is no doubt that proper planning and requirements analysis are the keys to successful cooperation. In this regard, we build mutual trust and define your needs. Your views, ideas, and pain points provide an excellent foundation on which to plan the work ahead. Finally, after learning the specifics and setting the overall goals, we are ready to present the primary offer.

2 Terms and Conditions

We start with a baseline definition and benchmarking, continuously monitoring improvements. This enables us to achieve a low defect rate while always focusing on efficiency and results. Then, we link benchmarking and KPIs through obtaining best practices as a basis for fixing measurements or assessing the level of optimization. In the aftermath, we are ready to scale the conditions and discuss service-level processes.

3 Document Finalization

Upon negotiation completion, we move to the finalization of legal and supportive documents. Just a little bit of paperwork and voilà — both parties enter a mutually beneficial agreement. At the same time, this essential documentation step signifies the start of the actual work, so here legally starts your journey with devabit.

4 . Implementation Plan

While the document finalization is already left behind, it is time to develop a step-by-step checklist to prepare for the project's initiation. Therefore, we create a detailed implementation plan to highlight all necessary aspects such as task responsibilities, delivery dates, required time, and monitoring process.

5 Execution

Once the main milestones are set, we start the actual realization of the plan. Additionally, the recruiting process might be checked along with the qualification of each team member. When the checklist is completed, we begin service provision. The client receives regular reports upon the agreed KPIs while we monitor whether the quality standards are maintained.

When Does Outsourcing Data Conversion Services Become a Benefit?

Backed by years of experience in delivering BPO data conversion services, we apply industry best practices to reach superior results.

01 / Shift the Focus to Your Business

With our data conversion specialists, your employees can concentrate on core business responsibilities, free from the time-consuming tasks of data handling and conversion. This strategy can lead to improved productivity and allow your team to prioritize strategic initiatives that drive business growth and innovation.

02 / Manage Your Data Efficiently

Our services are designed to not only organize your data but also to provide expert analysis. This means you can make more informed decisions based on accurate and timely data insights. Efficient data management reduces errors, improves response times, and improves overall operational efficiency.

03 / Obtain Value for Money

Our data conversion specialists offer access to highly skilled business analysts and data specialists at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams. This approach helps you reduce operational costs without compromising on expertise or output quality. It is an ideal solution for businesses looking to maximize their budget while still achieving top-tier results.

04 / Get First Results Quickly

Our engagement process is designed to be both risk-free and fast, ensuring that you start seeing results quickly. This rapid deployment is extremely important for projects with tight deadlines and when immediate feedback is necessary to inform critical business decisions.

05 / Well-Established Resource Allocation

We provide dynamic resource allocation, allowing you to ramp up or down based on your project’s needs. With our data conversion specialists, you can be sure that you have the right amount of resources at any given time, optimizing your investment. It is particularly beneficial for managing varying project loads and meeting changing business demands.

Data Conversion Services through the Prism of Industries

We have been serving diverse industry verticals for years, so our BPO company is a universal soldier in delivering specialized data conversion solutions.

Take a Look at Our Data Conversion Success Stories

We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive data conversion solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data conversion specialists are professionals skilled in transforming data from one format to another and ensuring it is usable and compatible across various systems and applications. These specialists bring a mix of technical prowess and attention to detail, which is extremely important for managing complex data and maintaining its integrity during conversion. During the working process, they figure out how to handle data that comes in unstructured or incompatible formats, guaranteeing it is transformed accurately for analysis, reporting, or integration into software systems.

A deep understanding of data standards helps data conversion specialists keep the converted data adhered to necessary industry regulations. They also have strong project management abilities, juggling multiple projects and deadlines effectively to meet client needs and expectations.

Moreover, data conversion specialists are real masters of communication, frequently collaborating with IT teams, data analysts, and business stakeholders. Their role involves not only technical expertise but also the ability to convey complex information in a clear and understandable manner to non-technical colleagues. This combination of skills makes them invaluable in supporting business operations and strategic decision-making.

It is not a secret that data conversion specialists can significantly improve business workflow. Take a look at some ways how data conversion specialists can benefit your business.

  • Catalyzing digital transformation.

In an era where digital transformation is vital for businesses, data conversion specialists play a critical role. Their work includes data integration across various platforms and systems, bridging the gap between old and new technologies. Partnering with data conversion specialists allows businesses to adopt new software and digital practices without losing the value embedded in existing data.

  • Collaboration across the borders.

As businesses expand globally, they need a complete data management system. Data conversion specialists help standardize data formats across international branches, guaranteeing that all units of a business can collaborate efficiently without data compatibility issues.

Due to this, data conversion specialists are in demand for multinational companies that rely on consistent data flow for synchronized operations. It makes data conversion specialists invaluable for building global teamwork and a fast decision-making process.

  • Preventing data decay.

Of course, data decay can lead to significant losses in both efficiency and value. Data conversion specialists play a key role in maintaining the integrity and relevance of your data over time. By regularly updating formats and migrating data to modern systems, they help prevent data from becoming inaccessible or irrelevant. Businesses that rely on historical data for trend analysis and strategic planning really need such ongoing data maintenance and support.

  • Customizing data for niche applications.

Different sectors and departments often require specific data formats to use specialized software and tools. Data conversion specialists customize data management strategies to meet these unique requirements, boosting functionality. This customization is especially important in fields such as healthcare, finance, and engineering, where precise data formats are critical for operational success.

  • Regulatory reporting.

Compliance with industry regulations often requires strict data management and reporting. Data conversion specialists develop specific solutions that automate much of this process, reducing the likelihood of human error and non-compliance. By optimizing how data is stored, retrieved, and reported, specialists not only safeguard the business against legal risks but also improve the workflow, allowing staff to focus more on strategic tasks rather than compliance management.

All these aspects will assist you in building a strong data management system and reducing additional expenses!

Data conversion specialists and data migration specialists both play important roles in managing business data, but their focuses and tasks differ significantly.

Data Conversion Specialists

Data conversion specialists primarily focus on changing data from one format to another.

It includes:

  • Format Transformation: Converting data between different formats such as from PDF to Excel, or from analog to digital forms.
  • Data Cleansing: Improving data quality during the conversion process by removing inaccuracies or duplications to ensure that the data is accurate and useful in its new form.
  • Standardization: Ensuring data in its new format adheres to specific standards that are required for its next use, such as making sure data meets HTML or XML standards for web applications.

The key role of data conversion specialists is to guarantee that data remains functional and retains its value after the conversion process, adapting it to new uses or systems while maintaining its integrity.

Data Migration Specialists

Data migration specialists, on the other hand, focus on moving data from one system to another.

It includes:

  • Transfer Management: Physically or virtually moving data from an old system to a new system, which might involve transferring data between different database types or different storage types.
  • Linking Systems: Ensuring that after migration, the data continues to interact well with existing systems, which may involve setting up new integrations or interfaces.
  • Risk Mitigation: Managing risks associated with data migration such as data loss or corruption and keeping data available and minimal downtime during the migration.

The primary concern for data migration specialists is the safe, secure, and efficient transfer of data between systems. They also keep an eye if it is moved correctly without loss or significant downtime, and that it easily integrates into the new environment.


While there is some overlap between the two roles, particularly in skills and tools used, the focus of data conversion is more on the format and quality of data, whereas data migration is centered on the physical or logical relocation of data and its integration into new environments. Both specialists are responsible for data remaining a strategic asset through transitions, but they approach it from different technical perspectives.

The typical duration of data conversion specialists engagement depends on the complexity of data formats, quality and condition of source data, integration requirements, and tools and technologies used.

In practice, before starting a project, data conversion specialists often conduct a thorough analysis to estimate the amount of work involved and provide a more accurate timeline. This allows organizations to plan accordingly and manage their expectations on project duration.

Typical Durations

Short-term projects: Simple conversions might last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Medium-term projects: Projects involving moderate complexity or larger volumes of data can last from a few weeks to several months.

Long-term projects: Very large or complex projects, especially those requiring extensive integration with existing systems, could extend over several months to a year.

It is not a secret that Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for outsourcing IT professionals, including data conversion specialists. Here are some reasons why you should look for skilled data conversion specialists in Ukraine.

  • Highly skilled professionals.

Ukraine is known for its well-developed educational system that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The country produces thousands of graduates annually who are well-versed in programming, data analysis, and software engineering. Ukrainian data conversion specialists possess strong problem-solving skills and are adept at handling data in different formats and structures. The high level of technical expertise available provides businesses with confidence that their projects will be handled professionally.

  • Cost-effective solutions.

The cost of living in Ukraine is significantly lower than in many Western European and North American countries, allowing businesses to access top-tier talent at competitive rates. You can be sure that this cost advantage does not compromise quality, as Ukrainian IT professionals are known for delivering world-class services. Outsourcing data conversion projects to Ukrainian data conversion specialists allows companies to reduce operational expenses while maintaining a high standard of work, leading to greater profitability and budget flexibility.

  • Strong IT industry ecosystem.

Ukraine's IT sector has seen significant growth, supported by investments, government policies, and a culture of innovation. There is a thriving ecosystem of IT companies, research centers, and networking opportunities, fostering continuous professional development.

The high demand for IT services has led to a competitive environment, pushing service providers to deliver top-quality work and stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards. This ecosystem guarantees that Ukrainian data conversion specialists are not only skilled but also adaptable and well-prepared to handle the unique requirements of international projects.

Together, these factors make Ukraine an attractive destination for businesses seeking dependable, cost-effective, and high-quality data conversion services.



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