Awe-Inspiring Product Information Management (PIM) Outsourcing Services

We know the abbreviation PIM does not rhyme with many other words, but with the devabit team, so here your data will be transformed into a great brand image. Our team believes that the right combination of technology innovations and an expert mindset can streamline your catalog maintenance. Moreover, it can save your time and resources so that you will be able to focus on growing your business instead. Product information management (PIM) has become essential to any company that tends to expand its online presence, which is why it is a necessity for most 21st-century businesses.

Product Information Management (PIM) Services We Handle

Product information management includes a multitude of different aspects. Fortunately, we cover all of them.

Catalog Management

Our PIM team enables you to design, handle, and deliver best-in-class & ready-to-use product catalogs in bulk for a multitude of marketing channels.

Catalog Update

We help businesses keep their product catalogs updated in order to build a stable and reliable foundation for their marketing and sales operations.

Product Upload

Step by step, we thoroughly check, polish, and organize your product information before ultimately uploading it to a catalog.

Catalog Building

Our professionals centralize all product data repositories to provide your clients with up-to-date and consistent information on your products.

Catalog Indexing

An indexed catalog is a usable catalog. With this in mind, we enable you to search for various kinds of information within your catalogs.

Catalog Conversion

Given the paramount importance of global digitalization, devabit helps companies convert their catalogs to an electronic medium.

Product Information Management (PIM) Services

in Action

Our experts work hard to make information easy for you and those you serve.

1 Client Requirements

There is no doubt that proper planning and requirements analysis are the keys to successful cooperation. In this regard, we build mutual trust and define your needs. Your views, ideas, and pain points provide an excellent foundation on which to plan the work ahead. Finally, after learning the specifics and setting the overall goals, we are ready to present the primary offer.

2 Terms and Conditions

We start with a baseline definition and benchmarking, continuously monitoring improvements. This enables us to achieve a low defect rate while always focusing on efficiency and results. Then, we link benchmarking and KPIs through obtaining best practices as a basis for fixing measurements or assessing the level of optimization. In the aftermath, we are ready to scale the conditions and discuss service-level processes.

3 Document Finalization

Upon negotiation completion, we move to the finalization of legal and supportive documents. Just a little bit of paperwork and voilà — both parties enter a mutually beneficial agreement. At the same time, this essential documentation step signifies the start of the actual work, so here legally starts your journey with devabit.

4 Implementation Plan

While the document finalization is already left behind, it is time to develop a step-by-step checklist to prepare for the project's initiation. Therefore, we create a detailed implementation plan to highlight all necessary aspects such as task responsibilities, delivery dates, required time, and monitoring process.

5 Execution

Once the main milestones are set, we start the actual realization of the plan. Additionally, the recruiting process might be checked along with the qualification of each team member. When the checklist is completed, we begin service provision. The client receives regular reports upon the agreed KPIs while we monitor whether the quality standards are maintained.

When Does Outsourcing Product Information Management (PIM) Services Become a Benefit?

Backed by years of experience in delivering BPO product information management services, we apply industry best practices to reach superior results.

01 / Shift the Focus to Your Business

When you prefer your employees to fulfill and concentrate on core business responsibilities.

02 / Manage Your Data Efficiently

When you desire to organize your data and get its expert analysis.

03 / Obtain Value for Money

When you are looking for highly talented business analysts for lower operational costs.

04 / Get First Results Quickly

When you require a risk-free and fast engagement.

05 / Well-Established Resource Allocation

When you prefer flexible and dynamic ramp-up/down of resources.

Product Information Management (PIM) through the Prism of Industries

We have been serving diverse industry verticals for years, so our BPO company is a universal soldier in delivering specialized product information management solutions.

Take a Look at Our Product Information Management (PIM) Success Stories

We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive product information management solutions.

Relevant Cases View all projects

View all projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, managing, processing, and transferring product information is time-consuming. At the same time, product data must be of high quality, informative, and accurate while positively influencing profits in all sales channels. Fortunately, PIM, which stands for product information management, perfectly copes with these challenges. Therefore, PIM helps centralize, optimize, and publish all product-related technical and/or marketing information on all relevant channels.

In general, PIM is utilized to overcome the following issues:

  • Product data can be taken from different sources resulting in lower quality and distinct characteristics.
  • Available product information is often incomplete and requires improvement.
  • Storing the same information in different places leads to errors and takes a lot of time to process.
  • It may be challenging to find a suitable data source.
  • It is frequently resource-consuming to provide different departments with product information.
  • Translations and corrections can take much longer than expected.
  • The complexity of the product data preparation process is often underestimated.
  • Managing product information preparations using Excel does not allow you to automate this process.

Thanks to product information management, your business can:

  • Reduce potential errors by centrally storing, managing, improving, and validating data.
  • Guarantee a positive customer experience, regardless of the sales channel.
  • Find the necessary product information and related information faster and adapt it to current trends and market requirements.
  • Integrate your PIM system with any third-party systems for import and export.
  • Design your marketing and SEO materials faster and publish them through your distribution channels, such as catalogs, brochures, online stores, or e-commerce platforms.



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