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Toogle Toy is an interactive platform that allows to create a toy by assembling together determined parts sets. Toogle Toy users can design and colour a toy according to their tastes and preferences. Later these models can be printed on a 3D printer.

Also, registered users can pick up avatars, view saved toys, name and share them, etc. App users can order their toys to be printed by the Toogle Toy team or download files to print it themselves.

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Our engineers combined three platforms – Unity3D, iOS, and .Net server side.

devabit’s team of designers drew toy models in 3Ds Max, and an FBX model of every part was a result of this process.

The main challenge was to integrate FBX-formatted parts into a system since Unity doesn’t provide a dynamic import of graphic objects. We came up with an automated file pre-processing prior to importing them to Unity for displaying. Also, our team designed an algorithm for 3D model optimisation to enhance the app performance.

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Business value
Toy market experiences best sales growth dynamics since 2010. Consumers are getting more interested in interactive toys, production of which is related to cheap, convenient, and user-friendly 3D printing.

Our customer from the UK had predicted this industry trend and came up with a solution: Toogle Toy app that enables its users to produce toys with 3D printers.
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From the technical side, devabit team opened up new horizons to porting an app to the web.

With the MVP ready, our customer conducted a research with 1000 children of the target age group (3-10 years old). The research reported the application is intuitive (ability to choose and add various toy parts, change colours, and save), easy to use (ability of users to create a new toy, save, name it, and share with friends), and user-friendly (ability to use Toogle Universe and 3D printing options).

As a result, our customer got a stable application that works fast and smoothly on all mobile platforms.

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