Do not let the talent gap delay your success. From UI/UX designers to web developers, we have a wide range of experts ready to work on your project straight away.

Whether you are looking to hire temporary tech experts to complete a specific project or need to bolster your team with additional IT resources, we are here to help. With our IT staff augmentation services, you can quickly scale up your workforce without the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Seeking to find a reliable and flexible way to expand your IT capabilities? Luckily, you are in the right place at the right time. At devabit, we offer experienced IT professionals eager to solve your business challenges in an efficient and professional manner.

IT Staff
Augmentation Process

At devabit, we take an all-around approach to our IT staff augmentation process to ensure you work with a team of skilled developers passionate about delivering high-quality outputs.

Identify Your Pain Points

At the very beginning, our team dives deeply into your business to determine how our IT staff augmentation services can benefit your project. Hence, by identifying the best ways to solve your hiring challenges, we define the precise number and type of specialists you need to hire, so we can proceed with the selection process.

Select Top Experts

Guided by your unique business requirements, our experienced recruiters look for candidates with the needed technical & soft skills, experience, and English proficiency. Next, we shortlist the candidates that make a perfect fit to streamline the process and save time. As a result, you can learn more about each applicant and select the most suitable developers for a final interview.

Negotiate a Contract

When you finalize your decision on the candidates you want to work with, we formalize the agreement in a legal contract. Aimed at highlighting expectations, timelines, and collaboration details such as data protection, security, payroll, and more, this legal agreement protects both parties of the contract, ensuring fair and transparent cooperation.

Onboarding & Mutual Growth

Once the agreement is in place, we integrate our experts into your workflow. At this phase, our account and talent managers will ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and seamless. With our IT staff augmentation services, you have the needed developers under your complete control, just like an in-house team. In addition to dedicated resources who work solely on your project needs, you also get added value through exposure to our overall company-wide tech expertise and support.

How We Bring in Top Talent

  • 1st STEP
  • Contacting the candidates and phone screening
  • 2nd STEP
  • A technical interview and soft skills evaluation
  • 3rd STEP
  • Optional, if required
    — a technical task
  • 4th STEP
  • An interview with a hiring managerand / or client
  • established teams with solid internal processes;
  • companies looking to properly scale up their operations;
  • skillset requirements;
  • project backlog;
  • established processes;
  • experienced tech resources with the needed knowledge & skills;
  • full control over the management & development processes;
  • recruitment flexibility;
  • companies that have a product vision but need a team to execute it;
  • companies seeking to branch off into a different tech stack and/or platform;
  • product vision;
  • integration monitoring;
  • workload allocation;
  • well-established development team;
  • complete control over the development process;
  • flexibility in quick team upscale or downscale;
  • businesses with a conceptual idea they want to turn into an end-to-end solution;
  • functional requirements & acceptance criteria;
  • budget & timeline expectations;
  • overall product vision;
  • vision & scope analysis;
  • design concept;
  • architecture vision;
  • project plan & budget;

Need to validate your solution vision or fill a gap in technology expertise before scaling your development team?

Data center how

Ensure the Success of Your Product Concept

Our unique five-step approach to the discovery phase protects clients from unexpected expenses. From building mind maps and wireframing to prototyping and creating project estimates, we analyze your idea from different angles to guarantee its feasibility. This is the first and mandatory stage of development that allows us to make a proposal for technical implementation, fix the boundaries of the project, and estimate the approximate cost. With our discovery phase, you can validate your product concept in a blink of an eye.

Why You Should Choose Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Take your business to new heights with our top-notch IT staff augmentation services.

01 / Next-Gen Flexibility

Whether you seek short-term or long-term IT staffing solutions, devabit offers flexible engagement models that perfectly meet your unique business needs. From full-time dedicated resources to part-time or on-demand staffing, we can provide the right solution that fits your timeline and budget expectations.

02 / Value for Money

There is no doubt that hiring and training new developers is a challenging task from the perspective of time and money. Luckily, with our IT staff augmentation services, you can save on recruitment costs, training expenses, and onboarding efforts since we provide highly skilled resources ready to ensure maximum productivity at a reasonable price.

03 / Proven Track Record

Working with multiple industry-leading companies worldwide, devabit has a proven track record of delivering successful IT staff augmentation services to clients across various industry verticals. With 97% of customers willing to choose our IT staff augmentation company again, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in each project our developers are engaged in.

04 / Seamless Integration

Since seamless integration appears to be one of the key ingredients of a successful IT staff augmentation process, we always pay extra attention to ensure our dedicated developers quickly become an integral part of your team, collaborating closely with your in-house staff to achieve the mutual business goal — build a stunning solution that rocks.


We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive solutions.

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In a nutshell, the practice of temporarily employing external IT specialists or teams to supplement and improve an organization's current performance is known as "IT staff augmentation." To fill skill gaps within the internal IT department or handle unique project requirements, IT staff augmentation entails contracting with skilled employees with specialized skills and expertise.

IT staff augmentation empowers businesses with flexibility and scalability in contrast to conventional hiring procedures associated with hiring in-house employees. It enables organizations to efficiently manage short-term projects, respond swiftly to shifting project requirements, or obtain unique expertise that might not be easily accessible internally.

Companies often hire IT staff with specific skills and expertise that are needed for a particular project or task. This allows businesses to access specialized knowledge without the long-term commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

IT staff augmentation and outsourcing are two distinct approaches to realizing the full potential of your IT requirements. Although both IT staff augmentation and outsourcing involve leveraging external resources, they drastically differ in terms of scope, control, and long-term engagement.

Now, we will look closer to the main differences between IT staff augmentation and outsourcing.

Resource Location

  • IT Staff Augmentation: External IT professionals are hired on a temporary basis and work alongside the internal team within the organization's premises or virtually.
  • Outsourcing: The entire project or specific tasks are contracted out to an external service provider, often located remotely.

Control and Management

  • IT Staff Augmentation: The client organization retains direct control and management of the augmented staff. The external professionals work under the client's supervision and follow their processes.
  • Outsourcing: The external service provider takes responsibility for managing the outsourced tasks or projects. The client may have less direct control over the day-to-day activities of the outsourced team.

Duration of Engagement

  • IT Staff Augmentation: Typically involves short to medium-term engagements, with external staff brought in for specific projects or to fill temporary skill gaps.
  • Outsourcing: Can involve both short and long-term engagements, and the external service provider is responsible for delivering the entire project or specific outcomes over an extended period.


  • IT Staff Augmentation: Offers greater flexibility in scaling the team up or down based on project requirements. It allows the client organization to adapt quickly to changing needs.
  • Outsourcing: While some flexibility exists, changes to the scope or scale of the project may require renegotiation of the outsourcing agreement.

All in all, IT staff augmentation primarily focuses on supplementing an organization's existing IT workforce with additional skilled professionals, while outsourcing stands for entrusting a specific IT function or project to an external vendor or service provider.

IT staff augmentation can be explained as the process of temporarily hiring external IT professionals or teams to supplement an organization's existing workforce. It means hiring qualified individuals with specific skills and expertise to address short-term project requirements or fill skill gaps. The IT staff augmentation allows to seamlessly integrate with the internal team and follow the organization's established processes.

Managed services, in turn, involve outsourcing the management and execution of specific IT functions or systems to an external service provider. This model transfers the responsibility for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of IT systems to the managed services provider (MSP). The service provider assumes a significant level of responsibility and accountability for the ongoing management and performance of the outsourced functions. They are contractually obligated to meet service level agreements (SLAs).

To talk about cost structure, IT staff augmentation typically involves a structure based on hourly or daily rates for the external staff hired. Costs may vary depending on the duration and expertise required. Managed services involve a more predictable and often subscription-based cost structure, where the client pays a recurring fee for the ongoing management of specific IT functions.

IT staff augmentation provides flexibility in scaling the workforce up or down according to constantly evolving project requirements. At the same time, IT staff augmentation enables organizations to tap into a vast pool of specialized skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house. Moreover, IT staff augmentation services can be quickly deployed to address immediate needs or to accelerate project timelines. This rapid deployment is advantageous when there's a need for a quick response to market demands or urgent project requirements.

Compared to traditional hiring processes, IT staff augmentation allows for avoiding the expenses associated with full-time employees, such as recruitment, benefits, and long-term commitments. Over and above that, by delegating specific IT tasks to external experts, internal teams can allocate their time and resources to enhance critical business areas that directly impact growth and competitiveness.

Since IT staff augmentation involves hiring professionals with specific skills and experience, there is often minimal need for extensive training. Augmented staff can integrate quickly into existing teams and contribute to projects with minimal onboarding time. Organizations can mitigate risks associated with uncertain project outcomes or fluctuating workloads by leveraging external expertise on a temporary basis. In this way IT staff augmentation can provide a better risk management system without committing to long-term employment contracts.

IT staff augmentation can reduce additional costs in many ways. Now we will tell you more about the cost effectiveness of IT staff augmentation services.

  • Avoidance of Recruitment Costs

Traditional recruitment involves costs such as advertising on job boards, partnering with recruitment agencies, and conducting extensive interviews. These costs can be substantial and are often incurred before a suitable candidate is found. With the help of IT staff augmentation, organizations can directly select external professionals with the required skills, reducing recruitment-related expenditures significantly.

  • Elimination of Long-Term Benefits

Full-time employees typically receive long-term benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off. These benefits add to the overall labor costs for each employee. With IT staff augmentation, companies only pay for the contracted services, avoiding the financial commitment associated with providing extended benefits.

  • Minimization of Training Costs

Training new hires can be time-consuming and costly. Due to the IT staff augmentation services, external professionals are selected based on their existing skills and expertise. All in all, IT staff augmentation minimizes the need for extensive training programs, allowing organizations to save on training costs and ensuring that augmented staff can contribute immediately to project tasks.

  • Flexible Cost Structure

The flexibility in the cost structure of IT staff augmentation allows companies to tailor their expenses according to project needs. Payment models can be hourly, daily, or project-based, providing a cost-effective solution for short-term projects or tasks with variable workloads. It is very important to ensure that organizations only pay for the services they require.

It is quite important for all companies to measure the return on investment (ROI) when working on a project. Organizations can measure the return on investment (ROI) of IT staff augmentation services by considering various metrics and criteria. Here are several key factors to assess the ROI.

First of all, you should evaluate whether the engagement of IT staff augmentation has contributed to faster project completion. You should compare project timelines with and without external professionals to determine time-related savings.

The second issue you should consider is calculation of the overall cost savings achieved through IT staff augmentation, including such factors as avoided recruitment costs, reduced training expenses, and the elimination of long-term benefits associated with full-time hires.In addition, assess the overall efficiency gains in project delivery. Measure the productivity of the augmented team and compare it to the productivity levels of similar projects without external support.

All these metrics will help companies to measure the return on investment (ROI) of IT staff augmentation services.



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