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The Easiest Way to Hire .NET Developer in Four Steps

Only four steps needed to partner with the best team of experienced .NET developers. Fasten your seat belts, we are taking off!

1 Define Your Needs

Begin by outlining your project requirements and expectations. Figure out your project scope, preferred technologies, and any specific skills expected when you hire .NET developer. No worries! Our team will work closely with you to develop a tailored approach to your business requirements.

2 Meet Your Match

Explore the diverse pool of pre-screened .NET developers. You will get the unique candidate profile of every .NET developer, which includes a detailed resume, a portfolio of past projects, and a summary of his expertise. Plus, you will have access to our team recommendations based on your project needs.

3 Easy Integration

Assess technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit before hire .NET developer. Our recruitment team will coordinate virtual or in-person interviews with shortlisted candidates. We believe in transparency, so you will have all the needed information to make well-informed decisions.

4 Watch Us - Development Process

Upon finalizing the selection, we are making a smooth onboarding process followed by detailed recommendations for the onboarding plan with all necessary training sessions and resources. Our goal is to ensure that your new team members have been seamlessly integrated into your own project.

Hire .NET Developer: Services We Deliver

Begin your journey by choosing your tech stack and experience the simplicity of hiring top-tier .NET developers with devabit. Take a glance at the services we deliver.
  • .NET Application Development: The creation of custom web applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps.
  • .NET Integration Services: Integration of existing systems, databases, and third-party applications into a unified ecosystem.
  • .NET Migration and Modernization: Enhancing performance and adding new features to legacy applications, using .NET.
  • .NET Support and Maintenance: Ensuring the smooth operation of .NET applications, providing ongoing support and updates.

Dedicated developers

Hire expert developers fast and easy

Our service include:

  • Developers onboarding
  • 5-step talent selection process
  • Staffing in under 1 month
  • Administration
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How long for?

Top Four Reasons to Hire .NET Developer at devabit

For sure, there are more than four reasons for choosing devabit to hire .NET developer. But we do not spend time talking. Partner with devabit and see it for yourself.

Strategic Thinkers - Not Just Coders

At devabit, our .NET developer always go beyond coding. We understand the overall picture of your business requirements. With a keen eye for building the right strategy, our .NET developer combines technical solutions with long-term objectives. Expect more than just code - be ready to get solutions crafted with strategic insights to drive your project towards success.

Masters of Cross-Platform Expertise

Our developers can navigate the .NET framework with their eyes closed! Of course, we are joking, but just a little. Whether it is Windows desktop applications, responsive web solutions, or mobile apps, our team of .NET developer is able to deliver a consistent user experience across all platforms. We are sure that you will definitely empower your projects when hire .NET developer at devabit.

Security Architects for Your Solutions

Here, at devabit, we prioritize building robust, secure solutions. With a responsible approach to threat assessment and mitigation, our .NET developer team implements the best security practises at every stage of development. Rest easy knowing your applications are completely protected against potential vulnerabilities.

Innovators Beyond the Code

In addition, seeking innovations - is the way we live and work. Our .NET developer always brings fresh ideas and creative problem-solving to the table. Beyond coding proficiency, our team actively participates in brainstorming sessions, suggesting innovative features, and staying in touch with the latest industry trends.

Several Projects Our .NET Developer Has Worked On

Our successful projects speak louder than words. Explore the depth of devabit’s expertise by delving into the variety of projects our .NET developer has worked on.

Relevant Projects View all projects

View all projects

Discover Our .NET Cooperation Models

Choose the one that will perfectly match your business needs and requirements.

Dedicated Team

Do you want to have full control over the team’s composition and scale it up or down based on the project requirements? Then the Dedicated Team model is for you! You will be able to easily scale the team and have direct communication with team members. This model is ideal for long-term projects, where clients have full control over the team’s workflow and priorities.

Time & Material

Interested in paying for the actual time and resources invested in the project? Choose the Time and Material cooperation model! It allows flexibility in project requirements and scope changes. Costs are based on actual hours worked and materials used, which is ideal for projects with changing requirements. At the same time, clients can closely monitor the development progress and make adjustments.

Fixed Cost

Have a fixed budget and timeline that are agreed upon before the development begins? Your decision is the Fixed Cost model! It offers budget and timeline predictability that is an ideal solution for projects with a well-defined scope and requirements. All the risks are transferred to the service provider, so you will not have to worry about anything. The perfect variant for smaller projects with a clear and stable scope.


In 2024, there are lots of ways to hire .NET developer. To find the best candidates, you should use a multi-faceted approach and discover as many opportunities as you can. But, devabit offers an easy and effective solution. You can always hire .NET developer in our software development company and get guaranteed high-quality results.

Now, let us show you some good variants that will definitely help you hire .NET developer in 2024.

  • Online and Freelance Platforms

Online platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed are extremely popular places to hire .NET developer. Actively use LinkedIn to post job openings and connect with potential candidates, engage in relevant professional groups to expand your network, and post detailed job listings on Indeed, describing your project’s requirements and needs. Moreover, you can use platforms like Upwork and Toptal to hire .NET developer for short-term and even long-term cooperation . Clearly highlight the project scope and expectations to attract experienced .NET developer.

  • Tech Communities

Explore niche forums and developer communities that are created to hire .NET developer, engage in conversations, and consider posting job opportunities. Such platforms as GitHub will definitely help you hire .NET developer with great expertise. This platform offers useful insights into the developer’s coding style and contributions to open-source projects.

  • Software Development Companies

The most reliable way to hire .NET developer is to collaborate with software development companies like devabit. They often have a vast pool of talent and will ultimately assist you in choosing the best .NET developer that will fit all your business requirements and needs. Software development companies always have several cooperation models, so you can choose the best suitable variant depending on your project scope and budget. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced development team and turn your ideas into reality!

When you hire .NET developer, his core responsibilities typically include a wide range of tasks related to software development, and maintaining robust, scalable applications depending on project requirements. Here are the primary responsibilities of a .NET developer.

The first and the most significant responsibility of .NET developer is application development. .NET developer should write clean, efficient, and maintainable code using .NET languages such as C#, develop, test, and deploy desktop, web, and mobile applications. Another task of a .NET developer is to create dynamic and responsive web applications using ASP.NET and other web development technologies, implement front-end and back-end components to ensure a great user experience.

.NET developer should not forget about database management and API development. They design and implement database structures using technologies like Microsoft SQL Server, and write database queries and stored procedures to manage and manipulate data efficiently. Considering APIs, .NET developer should be able to build and maintain application programming interfaces for smooth communication between different software systems and ensure API security, performance, and documentation.

There are many more .NET developer responsibilities that include security implementation, code review and testing, performance optimization, managing documentation, and many other tasks. All these activities are extremely important for ensuring the excellent quality of your application at the result.

It is not a secret that Ukraine has recently emerged as a strong IT hub for many development industries. Now, companies all over the world hire .NET developer in Ukraine because it offers many advantages, providing highly skilled and cost-effective services. Here is why you should hire .NET developer in Ukraine.

  • Highly Skilled .NET developer

Ukrainian .NET developer is known for his strong technical skills in various areas, including web and software development, database management, and application integration. Moreover, many developers in Ukraine hold degrees from reputable technical universities, contributing to a foundation of solid theoretical knowledge.

  • Affordable Solutions

This country allows businesses to hire .NET developer at rates that are often more competitive than those in Western countries. Despite the cost advantage, Ukrainian developers maintain high standards of work, ensuring that the quality of software development remains top-notch.

  • English Proficiency of .NET developer

English proficiency among Ukrainian developers provides easy communication with international clients, project managers, and team members. Ukrainian .NET developer is accustomed to providing comprehensive documentation and status reports in English, ensuring clarity in project communication.

  • Strong Tech Community of .NET developer

Ukrainian developers actively engage in local and international tech communities, contributing to open-source projects, attending conferences, and staying informed about the latest industry trends. Regular meetups and networking events create an environment where knowledge sharing is a common practice, enhancing the overall expertise of the developer community.

After you hire .NET developer, the onboarding process kicks off with an orientation that introduces the developer to the company's culture and project teams. .NET developer is provided with access to all essential tools and resources, including the setup of development environments and access to project repositories.

The new .NET developer undergoes a comprehensive project familiarization, reviewing architecture, codebase, and documentation. He integrates into the team culture that is facilitated through virtual and in-person introductions, improving collaboration and communication. After that, the .NET developer has assigned tasks aligned with his expertise and the project's needs, contributing to ongoing project development.

Continuous learning and training opportunities ensure the.NET developer stays updated on relevant technologies. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and performance reviews are conducted to monitor progress and align contributions with project objectives.

The cost to hire a .NET developer in Eastern Europe can vary based on several factors, including the specific country, the developer's experience level, skill set, and the hiring model (full-time employment, freelance, or contract). To talk about approximate prices in Eastern Europe, here is the list.


  • Junior .NET Developer: $20 - $35 per hour
  • Mid-Level .NET Developer: $35 - $50 per hour
  • Senior .NET Developer: $50 - $80+ per hour


  • Junior .NET Developer: $25 - $40 per hour
  • Mid-Level .NET Developer: $40 - $55 per hour
  • Senior .NET Developer: $55 - $85+ per hour


  • Junior .NET Developer: $20 - $35 per hour
  • Mid-Level .NET Developer: $35 - $50 per hour
  • Senior .NET Developer: $50 - $80+ per hour

As you know, .NET is an open-source web and mobile application development framework developed by Microsoft in 2002 to build cutting-edge software apps. The beta version of .Net was released in 2001, and since then, it has gained immense popularity due to its flexibility and ability to deliver comprehensive business solutions. Each release adds various advanced features and functionalities, making the .Net framework a popular choice for development.

Should you hire .NET developer in 2024?

Our answer is definitely yes! And here is why.

According to Statista reports, the global gaming industry is increasing rapidly and is expected to reach $482 Billion in 2027. Moreover, Statista states that the .NET Framework is widely used among developers worldwide as of 2023. Due to these constant changes, the popularity of .NET will ultimately increase. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you should definitely hire .NET developer and build your own .NET solutions.



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