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Welcome to #devabitfamily!

devabit is something more than an ordinary software development company. Behind this title, there is a whole universe of funny office moments, exciting projects, and exceptional individuals.

At devabit, we are committed to outstanding team spirit & atmosphere

Would you like to unveil the true devabit and see what it is really like to be a part of #devabitfamily? Then, read on to see our company through the eyes of our coworkers. Exclusive memories, unique values, and awe-inspiring benefits — we gathered all essential aspects to show you the inner side of devabit. Let's explore it together.

сustomers since 2014
years of experience in delivering top-notch solutions

What Do Our
Employees Value?

Devabit team
Cooperation, Respect, and More.
Here Your Best Qualities Gain Power.

From ongoing support to multiple self-development opportunities, our coworkers maintain a vast scope of values, each of which brings more happiness to our #devabitfamily.

1 One

Each of us is a part of #devabitfamily. We truly appreciate the buddy-buddy atmosphere, the spirit of unity, and the positive vibe. With this in mind, we do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable, inspired, and happy.

2 Respect, Trust
& Support

Your opinion truly matters. We support each other in daily tasks and promote respect among colleagues. Yet, constructive criticism, sincere dialogues, and a professional approach to cooperation also help us move towards our common goals.

3 Continuous

If devabit is the starting point of your professional and individual growth, we promote mutual development and support your desire to learn and get better at what you love. Knowledge-sharing activities, multiple courses, and the ability to rely on your colleagues during challenging periods — we help everyone find their way to steady growth.

4 Inspiring

It is undeniably great to gather talented people that excelled at their occupation. However, it is also essential to look for interesting individuals who would complement each other to form a strong team. Fortunately, we succeeded from both perspectives by engaging proactive, open-minded, skilled, respectful, and exceptional team members.

5 Diversity
& Inclusion

Do you prefer to work from your cozy home? Amazing! With devabit, you can do it. Do you enjoy office-related activities? Awesome! We have prepared a lot of exciting options. Regardless of your age, preferences, location, and previous experience, you will definitely find what suits you best at devabit.

What Will You Get
With #devabitfamily?

Let's look at the list of benefits we offer our coworkers. With devabit, you get the exclusive mesh of great career opportunities and a perfect work-life balance.

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What Does It Mean to
be a Part of Devabit?

It means:
  • Constantly growing, both individually and professionally.
  • Feeling supported each time you need it.
  • Being surrounded by people that understand you.
  • Being inspired every day.
  • Unleashing the full potential of your talent and capabilities.
  • Feeling like a real family.
  • Being a part of something that truly matters, something that can change the world through tech-powered innovations.


BPO Sales Manager

Ukraine/Europe/USA Full Time
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Web3 Product Manager

Ukraine Full time
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DTP Engineer

Lviv Full time
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Linguistic quality control specialist (Proofreader)

Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk Full time
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