Solving Real-World Problems with Mobile App Development Services

The girl behind you is talking with her friend on Skype, the boy on the street is listening to music, while that cute couple is having fun taking selfies. All of these people around you, like billions of people around the world, use smartphones in everyday life. Maybe, you also read this text on the screen of your mobile phone. We cannot help but be impressed with such mind-blowing popularity of mobile devices. Yet, have you ever wondered what the engine of all these day-to-day uses of smartphones is? The answer is pretty simple — mobile apps. Hybrid, cross-platform, or native, iOS or Android-based, music streaming apps, or sports applications — there are hundreds of types and categories with various functionality. Want to own one of these world-changing engines? Then, our mobile development services are at your disposal.

Mobile App Development Services We Handle

Life is too short not to build applications that matter. With this in mind, we create functional iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps that delight users.

iOS Development

Let's be honest, you at least once watched an Apple Event, the one that introduces a new iPhone every couple of months. If not, your clients undoubtedly did. Well, this real-life fact sounds really persuasive, proving that Apple devices have already captured society's attention and love. Moreover, it also means that going mobile with an iOS app will help your business reach a wider audience. Still, what should you start from? Start with devabit. Leveraging our long-term experience in iOS app development, we help the world's leading brands go mobile. With our mobile app development services, you will get impactful, engaging, and consistent applications that stand out from the crowd.

Android Development

Are you still hesitating whether the Android mobile app is your way-to-success option? Then, our mobile app development services will dispel your doubts. As a stable and reliable foundation used by millions of people worldwide, Android devices can be a perfect choice for your next leading-edge mobile application. Just imagine that you can reach a huge client base within your Android application. How exactly? Thanks to an intelligent and robust solution provided by our skilled mobile developers. Moreover, our mobile development services consist of multiple crucial steps, including consulting, UX/UI development, testing, product strategy, and technical delivery.

Cross-Platform Development

It seems like you did not manage to choose which mobile app is better, iOS or Android. Fortunately, you do not have to decide anymore. With cross-platform mobile app development services, you can kill two birds with one shot and enter several operating systems at once. Imagine the impact this opportunity may have in combination with proper performance, complex functionality, and excellent data protection ensured by our expert team. Our mobile app development company is not afraid of any unique requirements or budget limitations because we develop tailor-made cross-platform apps that perfectly meet your business specificities.

Mobile App Development Services

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The Path to Successful App Revealed

From back-end development to UI/UX design, our mobile app development company ensures the top quality of each ingredient needed for your next market-leading mobile app.

1 Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach

As soon as we get the request for a new digital product, our expert team delves into the core of your business. What is your vision of the final product? What is your target audience? Does this product have a specific goal? These and many more critical questions are explored during the initial development phase. Due to such detailed research & planning, our mobile app development company forms a clear understanding of the functionalities, end-users needs, desired results, and any potential issues associated with the project.

2 Designing for the Human Experience

The look and feel of your application are undoubtedly one of the most important components of its successful implementation. Luckily, our mobile app development services are aimed at providing best-in-class UI/UX design. Our expert team not only creates a stunning visualization of the user flow but also develops simplified digital concepts along with demonstrating user interfaces, animations, and screen transitions. As a result, your app is equipped with intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly design and functional elements.

3 Improvement Comes after Testing

Failures are pivotal to growth. Although it may sound weird at first, this approach to testing helps us determine the weaknesses of the mobile app to transform them into features that will benefit your business in a long-term perspective. Our mobile app development company always guarantees your application functions at the highest possible quality throughout various debugging activities, including security, accessibility, performance, and API tests. Just allow our expertise to become your relief and enjoy the seamless work of your mobile app.

4 Go Live

Many hours of diligent work have led us to this legendary moment — it is time to introduce your application to the world. Yet, how do we make it possible? With Apple App Store and Google Play Market, the two most powerful platforms for distributing apps, we smoothly publish your application within several steps. Additionally, our mobile app development company helps you avoid any problems or possible rejections by meeting all necessary conditions to get approved for the App Store and Google Play.

5 Service is Never Ending Support

The bulk of the work is already done, so what is next? First, of course, the mind-blowing success of your mobile application, hundreds of satisfied users, and rapid business growth. It sounds perfect, but what if something goes wrong? In such cases, devabit, your steady mobile app development partner, is always here to help. Whether you want to add new features, make some improvements, or handle updates, we offer post-implementation support to satisfy all your needs.

What Our Mobile App Development Services Can Help You With

Backed by years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art mobile app development services, we apply industry best practices to reach superior results.

01 / We Help You Conquer New Heights

Hundreds of customers reach out to your company via their laptops. Would you like to transform hundreds of clients into thousands, thousands into millions, and so on? Then, just go mobile.

02 / Tailor-Made Applications

Our skilled developers create custom iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications adjusted to your business goals and user needs.

03 / The Mesh of Innovations & Expertise

We not only improve our knowledge within mobile technologies but also combine it with modern tech trends to place your company ahead of the business competition.

04 / Consistent Delivery

An agile and proactive approach to mobile app development services enables us to deliver solutions on time while avoiding schedule slips.

05 / On-Budget Solutions

Whether you need an expensive iOS app with vast operational capabilities or a cost-efficient cross-platform solution, our development team will always come up with the appropriate option.

Take a Look at Our Mobile App Development Success Stories

We create meaningful changes for humanity through smart and perceptive mobile development solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, mobile app development services refer to the full-cycle mobile app development process. Typically, this process includes many different stages, ranging from the initial interview with the client to the final implementation of the completed project. Hence, mobile app development covers various aspects such as coding, design, and support services.

Notably, there are plenty of advantages associated with mobile apps. Let's take a look at some of the benefits mobile apps can bring to your business. Thanks to mobile applications, your company can:

  • get higher customer engagement;
  • provide unique services and features;
  • create a personalized marketing channel;
  • gain a competitive advantage in your industry;
  • improve your customer service;
  • get valuable consumer insights;
  • increase your brand visibility.

Everything depends on your target audience and goals. For this reason, we always conduct a thorough analysis before the actual development. For example, which platform is more prevalent among your end-users? What functions would you like to include? What are your budget limitations? These and many other essential inquiries lead us to the right choice.

In the modern business ecosystem, mobile app development services are essential for businesses looking to stay competitive. Thanks to cutting-edge mobile app development services, you can reach a wider audience, enhance customer engagement, and streamline business processes through innovative mobile solutions.

Investing in mobile app development services ensures your business stays relevant and accessible to the growing mobile user base.

Our mobile app development services offer custom solutions that align with your business goals. Whether you want to increase brand visibility, improve customer interactions, or boost operational efficiency, a customized mobile app can address your unique needs.

With such a client-focused approach, our team ensures your mobile app becomes a powerful asset, contributing directly to your business success.

Our mobile app development services stand out due to our commitment to delivering not just applications but comprehensive digital solutions. We blend creativity with functionality, ensuring your app looks appealing and performs seamlessly.

Our team of skilled developers and designers collaborate to create a mobile app that is not just a product but a strategic tool for your ongoing business growth.

At devabit, security is a top priority. We employ industry-leading practices to protect your app and its data.

We implement a multi-layered security approach, from robust encryption protocols to secure authentication methods.

Over and above that, regular audits and updates reinforce the protection of your mobile app against evolving threats.

Sure, our mobile app development services cover a vast spectrum of solutions, including both Android and iOS platforms.

Our experienced developers are well-versed in the intricacies of each platform, ensuring that your app performs flawlessly on both operating systems. This dual-platform expertise enables you to maximize your reach and effectively cater to a diverse user base.

Typically, the timeline for mobile app development services varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Our team follows an agile development methodology, prioritizing flexibility and efficient progress tracking.

We work closely with your team to establish clear milestones and deadlines, ensuring a transparent and timely delivery of your mobile app without compromising quality.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the launch of your mobile app. Our mobile app development services include comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance, encompassing regular updates, troubleshooting, and addressing any emerging issues.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your app remains optimized, secure, and aligned with the evolving needs of your business and its users.

At devabit, we are constantly focused on delivering a seamless and visually engaging experience. Through extensive research and testing, we craft intuitive interfaces that enhance user interaction. Our mobile app development services prioritize not only the aesthetics of the app but also the ease of navigation, ensuring a positive and memorable user experience.

While 100% transparency is a cornerstone of our mobile app development services, we always provide detailed cost estimates upfront, encompassing all aspects of development.

There are no hidden costs, and we believe in fostering open communication to ensure you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved. Subsequently, we always aim to build a long-term partnership based on trust and mutual success.

Initiating your journey with our mobile app development services is simpler than you can imagine. Just contact our consultancy team, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your requirements, objectives, and vision for the app.

Next, our team is going to prepare a customized strategy and guide you through each step of the development process. Your success in the mobile app landscape begins with a seamless onboarding experience facilitated by our expert devabit family.

With billions of users around the world, mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. From the HoReCa industry to the automotive domain, each industry turns to mobile app development services in the modern world. Yet, how did it happen, and why? Here are several reasons explaining why mobile application development is extremely popular today (and will probably reach the peak of its popularity during the following decades):

  • online shopping;
  • innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Machine Learning (ML);
  • social media;
  • gaming;
  • 5G Internet connection.



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