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IT Cluster is the largest IT community in Lviv, Ukraine. It has developed a special loyalty system which informs it members about the latest local IT events and provides discounts from partnering companies. The loyalty system makes every member an integral part of the tech community and helps them shape the information technology landscape, present and future.

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months of development

Although designing an app for a loyalty program was challenging, devabit was successfull in delivering results quickly. Our engineers made a UI & UX part slick[what do we mean by ‘slickʼ] to the customer. In addition, we built an integration with iBeacons.

The application functionality allows members to find an appropriate service within range quickly, check its location on a map, find the best offers and leave feedback.

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Business value
Loyalty programs are ment to strengthen bonds between customers and companies. Devabit has built a comfortable and easy to use platform that achieves this goal. The application streamlined membersʼ communication with other IT Club members and boosted sales at the associated businesses. The program has attracted numerous members to IT Club.
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Step by step, our engineers created an exclusive loyalty system for members discounts, an event management function for the Clubʼs social events, a navigation system, and the integration of personal identification into each userʼs application.Our creative team got this complex application off the ground in less than 3 months.

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