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UpKeep is a mobile first asset management solution aimed to improve and simplify the work order process. It is a communication management tool for technicians.

As a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), it helps reduce downtime and provides sophisticated reporting by closely monitoring the maintenance. All the data is backed and securely stored in the cloud and available anywhere from any device.

Business can easily adjust any part of the system to create a tailored solution representing the company processes. Work order forms can be deeply customized to measure value, create checklists, track status etc.

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Many companies operate in terms of unique workflows. UpKeep is a platform built to provide advanced usability and deep customization possibilities. This allows to fine-tune basically any part of the workflow to be able to almost perfectly match company processes.

At the same time, the system needs to remain very intuitive and easy to use. Technicians should spend their time maintaining the assets rather than fiddling with the maintenance management system.

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FrontRunner by Gartner

UpKeep helps maximize asset performance, control costs and improve operations. It allows to schedule preventive maintenance, see all served orders and track spare inventory.

That said, a CMMS can contribute positively to any organization that cares about compliance, asset management, well-organized budgets and, of course, competitiveness. As a result, the system provides detailed reporting and a visualization of key performance indicators.
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The platform eliminates all the fussy paperwork for managing assets and associated costs. It has all the features to assist any organization in moving to a more planned environment.

In addition, many companies have seen productivity gains when deploying UpKeep for technicians to download work orders, input parts and view the history of maintenance. The software does not only support accurate forecasting but also keeps longer equipment maintenance.

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