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With the Mr. Mercedes series by Stephen King gaining more loyal fans, Audience Network AT&T is constantly looking for the ways to make the story feel more real.

During post-production AT&T asked our team to build a catchy gamification experience. This application, including an escape room set, private screening room, lenticular photo experience, and an augmented reality adventure game were successfully presented at the Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.

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dedicated team members

Our client was striving to meet the deadline of the Comic-Con. This meant bringing a complex and sophisticated VR game to the market in the shortest time possible.

Thus, the devabit team developed a top-notch gamified experience available for Oculus VR. The idea was presented during San Diego Comic Con - a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention.

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Business value
The Mr. Mercedes TV series airs not only in the US but also in Ireland, the UK, and Poland. In addition to this international exposure, AT&T continually promotes the series with additional marketing channels. The VR game generated considerable buzz at the San-Diego Comic-Con and tarted up the upcoming premiere of the 2 season.
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We managed to develop an advanced VR game within the challenging deadline. All the 3D assets were created exclusively for the project and resulted in a highly engaging gamified experience. The immersive Mr. Mercedes game includes:

  • AR adventure;
  • VR escape room;
  • lenticular photo experience – transforming user’s face into Brady’s with a socially shareable GIF;
  • “Bringing Brady to life” through project mapping – 3D light projection.

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